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Překlad: Vrae, Coblich, Kirara, Peth a Haberturdeur.




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Rok Vydání
1332-1333 AE Living World: Season 5: The Icebrood Saga
1332-1333 AE Living World: Season 5: The Icebrood Saga - Prolog
1330-1332 AE Living World: Season 4
1330-1332 AE Living World: Season 4 - Prolog
1330 AE Path of Fire
1330 AE Path of Fire - Prolog
1330 AE Path of Fire - Ostatní
1328-1329 AE Zpět na Heart of Thorns

Living World: Season 5: The Icebrood Saga

Vydání +/- Obsah +/-
Festival of the Four Winds 2020

(Opakující se festival)


Jormag Rising

Malice summoned the Commander back to Drizzlewood Coast with news of a plan to push north. The glacier blocking their path to Bangar had receded revealing a cave at the end of the western beach. With the coast guarded by Dominion, Malice devised a plan to clear out the beach and the cave to establish a base further north. The Commander, Crecia, Rytlock and Braham disguised as enemy soldiers to destroy Dominion cannons lining the beach. After defeating a Frost Legion centurion, the group met up with one of Malice's double agents. He told them about the mass conversion of Dominion into Frost Legion taking place in the heavily fortified Frost Citadel. They also learned that Jormag was inside the keep and was close to waking. The Commander continued to clear out the caves until they could join Malice in the camp that was already established ahead of them. The group questioned why Bangar would want to convert so many of his own soldiers, wondering if Jormag was actually the one in control. Awaiting Smodur's siege engines to join them, Braham went to investigate some norn ruins south of a possible entrance to the Frost Citadel while the others turned to fighting Bangar's army.

The Commander joined Braham at the ruins which turned out to be the location where the Spirits of the Wild first revealed themselves to the norn. A tall door leading into the enemy keep stood infront of the ruins. Braham hoped to open the door by using the power of the Spirits and offered to stay and study the ruins further. The Commander left Braham to take out enemy communication towers and sabotage the Dominion. While out, Braham discovered that he would need the power of all the Spirits, including the corrupted ones, in order to open the door to the citadel. The Commander was called back to camp shortly after finishing up in the field to solve another disagreement involving Smodur, and this time, Braham.

When the Commander made it back to the camp, Braham and Smodur were still arguing over strategy. Braham was worried that a direct assault would be too obvious and wanted to use the entrance at the ruins as a way of infiltrating the Frost Citadel. Believing Braham's mission to be both a waste of time and resources, Smodur prefered a full-on assault with all manpower focused on the keep's front door. The group was split between the two options with Efram leaning towards supporting Braham and Rytlock reluctantly agreeing with Smodur. Before the Commander could share their own views, the camp was hit by a suprise attack led by Ryland. Smodur was shot dead before anyone could react. After holding off the attack the group was left to find a replacement for Smodur as commander of the Iron forces. Because of Efram's recent experience fighting alongside Smodur and time constraints, Efram was given the important role of leading the United Legions army. Cinder decided that the group should be open to Braham's idea but that they could only wait until their own army was ready to march or else they would be giving Jormag too much time to wake. Braham agreed and he and the Commander returned to the norn ruins to continue their attempts at opening the door.

At the ruins, the Commander saw a vision of a shaman hiding the totems of three of the Lesser Spirits. Braham explained that they would need to be retreived to open the door. Leaving Braham behind to prove his worth to the other Lesser Spirits, the Commander sought out the lost totems. Each Spirit presented a challenge to test the Commander before they could obtain the totems. The missing totems were guarded by Ox, who tested the Commander's strength; Wolverine, who tested their comabat ability; and Eagle, who transformed the Commander into the bird-of-prey to test their speed in flight. Having gained the respect of each Spirit, the Commander returned to Braham to find Rytlock and Crecia eager to open the door. The Spirits gave the group a riddle through Braham who acted as a vessel from which they could speak. The riddle gave clues which helped the group rearrange the totems into an order that unlocked the power of the Spirit and opened the door to the Frost Citadel. In the process, Braham learned the truth of Owl's fate. Owl had not perished, as the norn had thought, from fighting Jormag during the norn exodus. She was in fact corrupted by the Elder Dragon and had locked herself away in the Sanctum of the Wild to avoid lending her power to the ice dragon. By opening the door, Braham had freed the corrupted Spirit, giving Jormag the power they needed to awaken. Regretting his actions, Braham followed Rytlock, Crecia and the Commander through the back door of the Frost Citadel while their allies outside led a frontal assault on the fortified keep.

As Efram and Malice blasted through the front doors, the Commander's small group slowly climbed up the citadel while cutting through Frost Legion soldiers. The Commander made it to the top with ease, but the room hosting Jormag was sealed off with a wall of ice. Crecia's magic wasn't strong enough to melt the ice which required a stronger flame to counteract Jormag's power. The group needed Efram to break through the wall, but the United Legions army was blocked off by thick walls of ice that would have taken too long to get through. In order to unite the two groups, the Commander grabbed a nearby charrzooka and blew a hole through the roof. Malice and Efram joined the Commander by flying through the hole and Efram was able to melt the ice blocking the final room with the help of Sohothin. As the allies charged into the room they found Bangar sapping the power of the Great Spirits of the Wild with the hopes of using it to control Jormag. As the Commander engaged Bangar, Ryland appeared and joined in on fighting the Blood imperator. With Bangar and Ryland in full combat, the Commander turned their attention to freeing the Spirits of the Wild from Bangar's control. Once the four Spirits were freed, the allies joined Ryland in attacking Bangar. Despite Bangar being outnumbered, he was saved by the waking of Jormag, but to his dismay, was chosen to become the new Voice of Jormag and became icebrood rather than the Elder Dragon's puppeteer as he had hoped. Instead, Jormag chose Ryland to become their champion. Accepting the offer, Ryland also became icebrood, but much stronger, and fled with the Elder Dragon leaving Bangar behind. Once gone, Jormag spoke through Bangar, promising many conversations in the future. The citadel began to collapse and the allies made the quick decision to bring Bangar, who had appeared to lose his voice, to the Eye of the North. On arrival, Aurene shared her concern over the waking of Jormag. Bangar was imprisoned and Aurene explained that he could be used to speak with Jormag, though it seemed that it could only be when the ice dragon desired. Without knowing what Jormag had planned, Aurene dismissed the Commander, explaining that she would contact them once they had a clue to the Elder Dragon's whereabouts.

Dragon Bash


No Quarter

With a bloody civil war raging between the charr, Ryland proposed a parley to the newly-formed United Legions. Crecia extended the invitation to the Commander who was advised to have Rytlock bring them to the meeting. The Commander arrived in Drizzlewood Coast mid-meeting where Ryland demanded that the United Legions surrender and support Bangar's campaign. The allied charr legions refused, stressing the dangers of waking Jormag and being strongly opposed to rewarding the rogue Blood Legion Imperator for disrupting the fragile unity amongst the charr. Logan and Kasmeer arrived during the meeting with a troop of Seraph intent on repaying the charr for assistance given during the Siege of Divinity's Reach. However, at the sight of the sudden arrival of humans, Ryland called off the parley with both sides having gained nothing from the brief dialogue. With Ryland gone, the allies were forced to decide on a tactic to defeat Bangar's army. Malice and Smodur disagreed on strategy with Smodur eager to face the enemy head on while the Ash imperator was keen on a subtler approach. With the Commander's help, Crecia and the imperators established a military strategy. While the leader's of the United Legions were focused on regaining territory from Ryland, Rytlock and the Commander turned their attention to improving morale around the allied camps.

After completing a variety of tasks for the centurions in charge of support, the Commander was ready to get into the field and stop Ryland. Fortunately, Rytlock had overheard Dominion officers talking about "diving deep" while searching for enemy centurions, a secret reference to the hidden headquarters of the Steel warband. Crecia deduced that the base was somewhere in Breakroot Basin and accompanied the Commander, Rytlock and the allied imperators to the seemingly unoccupied territory to investigate. Upon locating the base, Malice and Smodur again disagreed on tactics. Malice sought a covert operation over Smodur's offensive approach to infiltrating the Dominion camp. Malice's allies agreed with her plan, however, once reaching the doors to the Dominion war room, the impatient Smodur drew his weapon and charged in ready for a fight. Despite a lack of team synergy, the allies defeated the Dominion forces and subdued Cinder Steeltemper, Ryland's second-in-command. Smodur wanted to kill her in order to showcase the United Leagions' strength, but Crecia pursuaded the others to keep her as a prisoner in order to coax Ryland back to the bargaining table. Smodur angrily returned to the field to fight while Malice set out to get the message of Cinder's capture to Ryland to recommence their parley.

While awaiting news from Malice, Rytlock and the Commander lent their aid to the Iron imperator. Smodur provided minimal information to his new helpers, leading them on a mysterious mission to charge a crystal provided by an allied Flame Legion Fire Shaman. After charging the crystal with the power of a flame core, the Commander delivered the device to a vent East of Petraj Overlook. Smodur disclosed that the device was a powerful grenade that would destroy Dominion resources below. However, after detonating the grenade, it was discovered that the 'resources' were in fact Dominion soldiers. Angry at being maniuplated by Smodur, the Commander and Rytlock went to survey the damage they had done. Among the casualties in the Dominion camp was one of Malice's personal guards, leading Rytlock to question the allegiance of the Ash imperator. Hearing from Crecia of Ryland's willingness to meet, Rytlock and the Commander returned to the hidden Dominion base to rejoin their allies.

Learning of Smodur's use of a searing crystal in the destruction of a Dominion camp, Smodur and Efram fought over the ethics of war. After the Commander stepped in to break up the fight, Ryland arrived ready to talk. Crecia appeared stronger in these negotiations now that the United Legions had taken most of the Southern Drizzlewood Coast. She asked Ryland to rejoin the legions after losing most of his warbandmates to the war and reasserted the dangers of waking Jormag. Ryland, seemingly interested in making an offer, demanded that Cinder be let go as a show of good faith, and Crecia mulled over his request. Outraged that this proposition was even considered, Smodur ended negotiations by plunging his dagger into Cinder's neck. Ryland charged at Smodur who was quickly protected by Crecia's magic. Feeling betrayed, Ryland fled towards Wolf's Crossing where the Commander and their allies encountered an icebrood-looking Varinia Stormsounder and the newly-founded Frost Legion. Once the Minister of Morale was defeated, the allies returned to the old Dominion hideout, angry at Smodur, and discussed plans for what to do next. Malice disclosed that she had double agents within the Dominion forces who could provide intel on Bangar's movements. The group agreed to keep fighting while waiting for an opening up North to continue their pursuit of Bangar and Ryland.

Super Adventure Festival

(Opakující se festival)

Moto, asurský genius, se objevil v Rata Sum, aby předvedl svůj nejnovější vynález: Super Adventure Box. Představuje ho jako zábavní vynález a ačkoli mu bylo nabídnuto několik nabídek od potencionálních investorů, všechny odmítl. Naštěstí, hrdinové jsou vítáni, aby tuto "hru" otestovali a zjistili, kdo se dokáže dostat přes všechny úrovně.

Super Adventure Festival 2016 Super Adventure Festival 2016

World 1 Zone 1

Vstup do první zóny.

Kettova laboratoř

Snaff byl asurský genius. Po jeho smrti se předává ocenění jeho jménem.

Visions of the Past: Steel and Fire

Aurene introduces the Commander to the Scrying Pool in the Hall of Monuments. She shares a vision of the past, letting the Commander experience what Ryland Steelcatcher's warband were up to between the events of the Prologue and Whisper in the Dark.

The Steel warband successfully guided their tank through treacherous terrain infested with Stone Summit Dwarves, but were unable to navigate through to the Bjora Pass.

Bangar Ruinbringer and Ryland then attempted to find a new path through the Darkrime Delves. During their travels, they came across Almorra Soulkeeper (who had been kidnapped by the Svanir under the influence of Jormag). Although they initially worked together to overcome the Icebrood, Almorra bickered with Bangar, and - acting on the orders of Bangar Ruinbringer - Ryland defeated Almorra. Bangar then finished her off and instructed Ryland to hide the body in the Darkrime Ruins.

Shadow in the Ice

Jhavi contacted the Commander some time after the liberation of the Raven Sanctum, passing on the information that Rytlock and Crecia had not reported in for days and Braham had headed westward on his own to search for them. The Commander followed suit, spying a spectral Wolf beckoning westward. On the way to Braham, the Commander discovered Eir's dire wolf companion Garm who was under attack by the Sons of Svanir, and he led the Commander to Braham after they had defeated the ambush. Reuniting with the norn who was just as surprised by Garm's sudden appearance as the Commander was, the pair and the dire wolf headed even further west to the remote kodan settlement of Still Waters Speaking. Several of the kodan there had begun to lose themselves to the whispers plaguing the region, especially as the settlement had already lost their Voice. Rytlock and Crecia were being held captive in the settlement due to the kodan suspecting them to be Bangar's spies, but thanks to Braham and the Commander who conversed with the settlement's Claw called Cloudseeker, the two charr were released.

Cloudseeker revealed that the whispers were coming from Drakkar, a champion of Jormag who had seduced Jhavi's great-granduncle Svanir to join the Ice Dragon's cause and led to the creation of the Sons of Svanir cult in the past. Leeching the power of the lost Spirits of Ox, Eagle and Wolverine and the magic of profane Idols of Jormag scattered throughout the region, Drakkar could heal itself and remained effectively immortal and thus impossible to defeat in its current empowered state.

After helping the kodan strengthen their base and purify points of power from Jormag's influence, Braham and Garm found a hidden shrine to Wolf and invited the Commander and Jhavi there while Rytlock and Crecia tracked the movements of Bangar's army. Upon meeting at the shrine, the group witnessed Wolf himself appearing before them and tasking Braham, who had become a chosen norn via fulfilling the conditions of an ancient prophecy by cracking Jormag's fang in the past, with purifying the fallen shrines of Ox, Eagle and Wolverine and convince the lost Spirits to lend their aid against Drakkar. To keep Jormag's champion from noticing what the party was up to, Jhavi volunteered to take a squad of Vigil and kodan to fight Drakkar who had tarnished her family's name.

Braham traveled to the shrines and purified them for a short while with the Commander and other spiritual norn's help. After each ritual, Braham confronted each of the lost Spirits who remained skeptical of his worth and challenged his beliefs. One by one, though, they agreed to help as Braham proved himself to them. Once the shrines had been cleansed and the idols of Jormag had been shattered, Jhavi and Cloudseeker's forces chased Drakkar into a nearby cave, so that it could no longer draw on the magic of the valley, while a party led by the Commander descended into the cave to corner the wounded dragon champion. However, Jormag's power remained strong, and Rytlock and Crecia both fell under the influence of the whispers, trying instead to attack the Commander than the dragon champion during the battle. The Commander was forced to knock the pair out before turning back to Drakkar whom Braham and the lost Spirits blasted and froze it in crystalline form.

Before the party could celebrate their victory, a fragment of Jormag's power, the Whisper of Jormag, emerged from Drakkar's corpse and revealed itself as the true source of the whispers. It initially offered to talk, but the Commander refused to listen. The Whisper successfully made Braham doubt himself in the ensuing battle, and even forced the Commander to fight themself in their mind before Bangar and Ryland suddenly arrived to help finish the vessel off with Braham's bow. Recovering from the mental onslaught, the party confronted Bangar who revealed that he would claim credit for defeating Drakkar and use the feat as proof that he alone could control Jormag and sway the legions behind him. When the Commander protested, Bangar shot them with a fiery arrow while claiming that a clash between the two of them had always been inevitable. Angered by the Blood Imperator's actions and worried about the Commander, Braham was finally able to embrace Wolf's blessing to Become the Wolf and attacked Bangar, only to wound Ryland who stepped in the way to protect his imperator. In the ensuing skirmish, Bangar and Ryland retreated back to their army while Crecia, Rytlock and Braham took the wounded Commander to safety.

While the Commander was passed out, Aurene sensed their distress and had the party move to the Eye of the North where she was roosting, with the Commander resting by the Scrying Pool. Upon waking up and reuniting with Braham, Crecia, Rytlock and Jhavi, the recovering Commander received answers from Aurene about what had transpired in the world since the battle in the cave and what Aurene had been doing in the meantime. With the Commander out of the way, Bangar had claimed full credit for defeating Drakkar, which began fracturing the charr legions even more. Aurene reminded the party, however, that Bangar was only one piece in a bigger whole, and she was still uncertain about Jormag's true motives, so she suggested that the party bide their time for the time being and let Bangar make the first move in order to figure out what they should do next.


Voice in the Deep

Lunar New Year

(Lunar New Year 2020)

(Opakující se festival)

Šťastný nový rok!

Nový rok přichází do Kryty a k jejím občanům! Všichni Tyrijští jsou zváni do Divinity's Reach ke svátečním aktivitám, tradičním oslavám a veselí, aby začali nový rok v dobré náladě.

Zúčastněte se zapalování petard, užijte si nový sváteční závod, soutěžte v Dragon Ball aréně a získejte sváteční obálky obsahující různé odměny. Celý výtěžek ze svátečních výrobků bude darován na podporu občanů evakuovaných při nedávných událostech.

Ať naleznete s vašimi milovanými mnoho štěstí v tomto roce a v těch následujících!

Lunar New Year 2020 Lunar New Year 2020
A Very Merry Wintersday

(Opakující se festival)

Svátky nejenom radosti, ale i obav a strachu boje mezi Dwaynou a Grenthem. Mezitím co si vychutnával komandér hry v Divinity's Reach přisla zpráva z místního sirotčince, že Grawnk ukradl a schoval sirotkům ozdoby a nechce odejít. Po vyjednání teplým jídlem a nalezení ozdob mohou konečně začít ty pravé Wintersday svátky.

Grawnk Wintersday


Winter Wonderland

Whisper in the Dark

Velitel paktu obdržuje zahádné volání od Almorry Soulkeeper, která je zve do Jora's Keep (Jorina pevnost) v Bjora Marches. Zaujati její zprávou, podivnou jak tónem, tak formulací, Velitel spolu s Rytlokem, Creciou, Brahamem a Marjory cestují do pevnosti a doufají, že se setkají s Almorou a jejím Vigilem. Místo uvítací skupiny nachází tábor prázdný, po prozkoumání objeví jeho obyvatele mrtvé, povražděné téměř bez odporu. Velitel vchází do kasáren s Brahamem, načež jsou oba uvězněni uvnitř záhadně zapečetěnými dveřmi. Aby utekli, Velitel používá prastarý artefakt zvaný "Raven's Lens" (havraní čočka), který se nachází uvnitř. S ním Velitel a Braham úspěšně odemknou dveře a připojí se k ostatním venku.

Za pomoci čočky je Velitel schopný následovat Jhavi Jorasdottir a Almorry po cestě, kterou byly taženy, zatímco byly rukojmími norského muže z tábora, který se patrně přidal k Sons of Svanir. Velitel sleduje cestu, která ho nakonec zavádí do ledové jeskyně, kde jeden z Brahamových dřívějších spolubojovníků, Olar, drží Jhavi a nutí ji poslouchat Jormagovi posměšky. Jakmile je Jhavi osvobozena, zmiňuje že fraenir, zlý šaman který vede místní Sons of Svanir, se ukrývá uvnitř Raven Sanctum (Havraní svatyně). Aby se dostali dovnitř, budou potřebovat druhou čočku a ona že ví, že jednu měla u sebe Almorra. Také ji přijde divné, že je Almorra volala, jelikož její komunikátor byl zabaven, když byly zajaty. Tým se rozděluje, aby se v blízkých táborech podíval po jakékoliv stopě po Almoře a během toho všichni členové týmu slyší šeptání záhadného hlasu, který se je snaží nalomit. Nakonec nachází kódovaný vzkaz, který Jhavi řekne, že Almorra zamířila do Darkrime Delves. Velitel to jde prošetřit, ale najde Almorru už dlouho po smrti pohřbenou pod sutí a její meč vyčuhující poblíž.

Po získání druhé čočky skupina používá obě, aby odemkla bránu vedoucí do svatyně, a jen Marjory se rozhodne zůstat v pevnosti. Toto místo bylo již dlouho zkouškou pro havrouny (nornské šamany) a tak Velitel prochází kombinací mystických bludišť a zkušebních scénářů popsaných Ravenem. Je význačné, že se zdá, že nabízené volby vedou pouze ke špatným výsledkům, ale Jhavi vysvětluje, že jsou tak schválně navrženy. Nakonec ve vnitřním sálu nachází Jormagova fraenira, který velel Svanirům v oblasti. Po tom co ho porazí je najednou zase oživen Jormagem jako loutka a tvrdí, že chce pomoct nejnovějšímu Elder drakovi Aurene přinést věčný mír do Tyrie, a také jak Aurene a její spojenci časem pochopí, že potřebují Jormagovu pomoc, aby čelili "strašným věcem, které se plíží za horizontem". Po vyslechnutí zprávy Braham říká, že rozhodně nemůžeme věřit Jormagovým slovům. Velitel souhlasí, ovšem až po dlouhém odmlčení.


Shadow of the Mad King 2019

(Opakující se festival)

Před 500 lety byl zavražděn Krytský král a tyran svým vlastním lidem, poté, co už lidé nedokázali déle trpět jeho krutovládu. Říká se, že tělo krále bylo rozsekáno na kousky a jeho duše byl poslána do Underworld, s podmínkou, že každý rok se může na jeden den vrátit do světa smrtelníků a to přesně na Halloween.

Halloween 2017 Halloween 2017


Mad King’s Clock Tower

Jumping puzzle inspirovaný pražským orlojem.

Bound by Blood (Prologue)

Po obdržení pozvánky účastnit se shromáždění charrských legií, několik členů Dračí hlídky se sešlo v Iron Citadel, aby vyrazili do Grothmar Valley. Marjory a Kasmeer přijeli po tom, co se Velitel setkal s Rytlockem, Gorrikem a Brahamem. Malá družina odletěla na sever, aby se následně rozešli různými směry a jen Rytlock a Braham zůstávali s Velitelem. Crecia Stoneglow je odvedla na zahajovací ceremonii na zvláštní místo vyhrazené pro Velitele. Po Bangarově zahajovací řeči, je zahájen ceremoniální souboj s "posledním" Branded přisluhovačem vedený Rylandem. Nicméně předtím, než mohl být doražen, Auren ho zkrystalizovala.

Braham s Ryland se odešli socializovat a opíjet na festival a příležitostně informovali o svých činnostech, občas i záměrně. Mezitím se Velitel zúčastnil pár událostí a setkal se se všemi Imperátory a Eframem, úřadujícím vůdcem Ohnivé Legie. Zvěsti o problémech se šířili po táboře a pár charrů bylo nervózních. Nicméně, krátce na to Braham skončil ve vězení a zavolal Veliteli, aby ho osvobodil. Zdálo se, že když byl Braham zadržen, neměl u sebe svůj luk.

Když jsme konfrontovali Bangara ohledně rozruchu, hlášení odbyl a místo toho se rozhodl házet špínu na Rytlocka. Rytlock zareagoval nešťastně a začal Imperátora škrtit, zatímco Crecia nezúčastněně přihlížela. Bangar přežil jenom proto, že Rytlock nechtěl břemeno toho stát se dalším Imperátorem Krvavé Legie. Když Rytlock odcházel ze schůzky, byl napaden skupinou charrských rváčů, ale rychle se s nimi vypořádal. Nicméně stále se něco děje a Velitel je odvolán kvůli další naléhavé situaci.

Protože nějací charrové tropili neplechy ve fahraru, Kasmeer zamaskuje Velitele, aby vypadal jak Ryland a mohl to vyšetřit. Stopa nakonec vedla do válečné místnosti, kde pár charrů drží v zajetí Gorrika. Velitel zachránil Gorrika a pak se dozvěděl, že Bangar, Ryland a hrst charru ze všech Legii, včetně nějakých odpadlíků, vyrazilo do Shiverpeaks. Velitel, Rytlock a Crecia se je vydali pronásledovat a zjistili, že Bangar má Brahamův luk a vydal se najít Jormaga, Avšak kvůli sněžné bouři, zničenému mostu a ledovému elementálovi, Bangarova skupina utekla, zatímco Dračí hlídka čeká až se bouře přežene, aby je mohli pronásledovat.

Úderná mise: Shiverpeakský průsmyk

Krátce po odchodu Bangarovi armády se Crecia a Rytlock rozhodli poslat skupinu dobrovolníků do Shiverpeakského průsmyku, aby prozkoumali oblast a zjistili, jestli už se podmínky zlepšili dost k obnově mostu, který předtím odpadlíci zničili. Po tom co se postavili zhoršujícímu se počasí a byli nuceni jít oklikou, průzkumníci ocitli tváří v tvář konstruktu Icebroodů, který měl ještě ničivější útoky než ten, se kterým předtím bojoval Velitel Paktu. Ačkoliv byl konstrukt poražen, vánice pokračovala. Crecia usoudila, že za vyvolání bouře musí být zodpovědný někdo jiný a rozhodla se vyslat později do průsmyku více průzkumníků.


Living World 5 - The Icebrood Saga

Oznamovací Trailer.


Season 5 - Prolog

Obsah +/-

Dragon's Watch

Jhavi, Rytlock a Braham

Aurene — The first Elder Dragon allied with the races of Tyria, she is still trying to find her place in the new world while purging the corruption which her predecessor Kralkatorrik has left behind. Despite her benevolent actions, many Tyrians worry about her intentions and the powerful magic she wields.

Braham Vowbreaker — Young, headstrong norn guardian prophesied to slay Jormag and reclaim the Far Shiverpeaks in the name of his people. After finally making peace with his mother's death, Braham must now face the consequences for cracking the Fang of the Serpent and failing to deliver on his promises.

Gorrik — An asura formerly of the Inquest, brother of Blish and old friend of Taimi. He joined Dragon's Watch after he and his brother were rescued from Palawa Joko's forces at Rata Primus.

Kasmeer Meade — A human noble mesmer who helped stop Scarlet Briar, Mordremoth and Balthazar. She and Marjory have spent the last year helping Elonian refugees fleeing from Kralkatorrik after dealing with a crisis of faith caused by Balthazar's rogue actions.

Marjory Delaqua — A necromancer of Canthan descent. After recovering from injuries caused by Balthazar, she has spent the last year with Kasmeer tracking Kralkatorrik and helping Elonian refugees survive the Crystal Dragon's attacks. She joins the Commander in the north to deal with the growing threat of Jormag.

Rytlock Brimstone — Blood Legion Tribune with a nasty temper. Rytlock is best known for the sword that forged his reputation: Sohothin, the legendary blade of fire and war. Back's a different story. When his imperator summons him to a celebration commemorating Kralkatorrik's defeat, Rytlock inadvertently helps set into motion a series of events that threatens the future of the charr High Legions.

The Vigil

General Almorra Soulkeeper — Leader of the Vigil, she goes north towards Jora's Keep to personally deliver the news of Kralkatorrik's defeat.

Jhavi Jorasdottir — Descendant of the great norn hero Jora, Jhavi has spent her entire life living in the shadow cast by her great-grandmother's legend. As one of the leaders of the Vigil, it's sometimes difficult to differentiate between respect she's earned and respect her lineage demands. Raven might have a few things to say about that.

High Legions

Crecia Stoneglow — Bangar's shrewd Head of Security. Her Flame Legion heritage and innate skill as an elementalist might make some charr cagey, but Crecia's loyalty to her imperator and the legion that raised her is seemingly unshakeable. More ambiguous? Her attitude toward her old warband mate, Rytlock. (Don't talk to her about Sohothin.)

Efram Greetsglory — Acting "imperator" of a Flame Legion splinter group who wishes to atone for his legion's past crimes and attempts to integrate his people back into the High Legions. However, his desire to protect his people has forced him to make many questionable compromises, and he struggles to find his place in the changing political climate.

Malice Swordshadow — Imperator of the Ash Legion who has many agents spying for her to keep her up to date on the events around Tyria. The driving force behind the Ebonhawke Treaty, she worries that Kralkatorrik's death and Aurene's ascension may change the status quo in Tyria in an unexpected way.

Smodur the Unflinching — Imperator of the Iron Legion and long-time rival of Bangar vying for the title of Khan-Ur. A cunning politician and progressive visionary, he is willing to be patient and wait for the right time to promote his legion's interests in order to ensure a prosperous future for himself and his allies.

Spirits of the Wild

Bear — A Great Spirit of confidence and ferocity and the natural embodiment of all bears. She is revered by the norn as the most powerful Spirit of the Wild, and she grants the norn the strength to face all odds.

Snow Leopard — A Great Spirit of cunning and speed and the natural embodiment of all snow leopards. Independent, strategic and stealthy, she laughs in the face of danger and has a darker, feral side which she and her followers channel while on the hunt.

Raven — A Great Spirit of knowledge and foresight and the natural embodiment of all ravens who has ties to the Underworld. He is fond of riddles and likes to test the wits of his followers and anyone else who wishes to uncover his secrets.

Wolf — A Great Spirit of brotherhood and loyalty and the natural embodiment of all wolves. He reminds people to work together as a pack to overcome great challenges.

Main villains

Icebrood and Sons of Svanir

Bangar oslovuje charrskou legii.

Drakkar — Champion of Jormag, it hibernated under the ice of Drakkar Lake and helped seduce Svanir into a follower of Jormag in the past.

Fraenir of Jormag — The highest ranking member of the Sons of Svanir, he is responsible for twisting Raven's magic to create dangerous blizzards and powerful icebrood to carry out Jormag's will.

Jormag — Elder Dragon of Ice and Persuasion who is currently believed to be recovering under the protection of ice in the frozen north after being damaged by magic channeled from Primordus.


Bangar Ruinbringer — Leader of the Blood Legion whose winning smile is all teeth. Despite his reputation as a wildcard among the imperators, the best interests of the charr are close to Bangar's heart. His distrust for humans and the other races of Tyria stems not just from prejudice, but from historic wrongs committed against his people.

Ryland Steelcatcher — Recently promoted Blood Legion Centurion and son of Crecia and Rytlock. Loyal to his legion and imperator, he is willing to go to any lengths to ensure the interests of his people.

The Icebrood Saga

The Icebrood Saga focuses on the norn and the charr, as they defend their homelands in the Far Shiverpeaks and the Blood Legion Homelands from the threat of Jormag, the Elder Dragon of Ice and Persuasion.

The saga begins with the four charr High Legions gathering in Grothmar Valley to celebrate the death of Kralkatorrik, while Jormag begins to stir in the far north. Through its promises of power, the Elder Dragon has amassed a sizable army of Icebrood.

After the prologue in Grothmar Valley, Rytlock Brimstone, Braham, and Jhavi Jorasdottir will lead the venture into the inhospitable Far Shiverpeaks, where players will face eldritch abominations, learn about the history of the Spirits of the Wild, and confront Jormag.


Season 4

Vydání +/- Obsah +/-
Festival of the Four Winds 2019

(Opakující se festival)


Dragon Bash



The Key of Ahdashim

After Qadim's escape following the events in the Mythwright Gambit, Scholar Glenna and "the esteemed champions of the Forge" are told by Zommoros to follow his trail to the city of Adashim and seek the Key of Ahdashim. They find the Key has been shattered across the courtyard. After assisting in retrieving the pieces restoring the Key in the fountain, the Key explains the status of the city: Qadim killed the cardinals of water and fire, coearced air and earth into joining him, and currently sits in the center draining the ley line. As the raiders manage to defeat the cardinals, the Key absorbs their power to prevent it flowing to Qadim. After a grueling battle with Qadim the Peerless, he explodes into unbound magic which the Key gathers and then suddenly releases, saying all djinn will together share the burden.

War Eternal

Quite a while after Aurene got encased in crystal, Caithe contacted the Commander, asking that everyone gather around for a final moment. Upon arriving at the site, Caithe decides to remove part of the crystal shell, and Aurene's body started to glow. The Commander blasts the body a couple times, and Aurene is freed, speaking for the first time. It seems having eaten Joko's magic allowed her to come back from the dead. Everyone's resolve is renewed, and Gorrik gives the Commander the location of Kralkatorrik. The Commander mounts onto Aurene's back, and she opens a rift to chase after her grandfather. After flying through three of the gods' realms, and failing to force Kralkatorrik out with just opening a portal in front of him, Aurene manages to blast off one of his wings, and Aurene manages to open a portal back to Tyria. He crashes into the ocean southeast of Orr, buried up islands that had been torn out of the Mists. This new region is dubbed "Dragonfall".

Three distinct groups set up camps on this new landmass. Rytlock and Logan join up with the Mist Raiders, let by Gwen Thackery herself. The Olmakhan ride off to the southwest. A group of soldiers call themselves the Crystal Bloom, and head off to the west. Aurene keeps up assaults on Kralkatorrik to keep him down. Taimi joins Sayida on the latter's airship, circling the islands to watch the battle unfold. After scouting the island, Braham gives the Commander surveillance probes to place all about the islands. There are islands flowing under the island which feeds and heals Kralkatorrik. After placing the three probes, Caithe and Aurene call the Commander to a rocky outcropping in the southwestern island. There, Aurene had found the skyscales, a new type of dragon not ever witnessed before. The Commander approached and befriended one, feeding it unbound magic to better befriend it and then flies up onto the severed wing. The skyscale blasts open a crystal scab, then allows the Commander to gather some of Kralkatorrik's blood. With the help of Zafirah and two Zephyrites, the Commander manages to forge a True Crystal Spear to use against the elder dragon.

After some tests of the spear, including attacking a sore spot on Kralkatorrik's claw, the Commander enters a cave leading under the islands to shut off some subterranean leylines. Zafirah, Caithe and Rytlock aid the Commander, as does Aurene, while Logan and the other armies assault the body above. However, even though the body is dead, something still stirs inside the corpse. Aurene flies the Commander into Kralkatorrik's mouth, straight to his heart. Inside, Kralkatorrik is warring with his own Torment, including the invasive magic it had already absorbed from Zhaitan, Mordremoth and Balthazar. These magical spires inside are sealed by Aurene, before the heart is finally vulnerable to the Crystal Spear. With Kralkatorrik defeated, Aurene manages to ascend to become an Elder Dragon and flies off, as the rest of the crew flies back to Lion's Arch, having successfully defeating another Elder Dragon.


Po poražení Kralkatorrika se stává s Aurene nový Elder Dragon.

The End

Sestřelení Kralkatorrika z Mists.


Side Story: Rift Stalkers

As Kralkatorrik's influence within the Mists grew, Mists Rifts began appearing throughout Tyria, each emitting Brand crystals into the surrounding areas. Adventurers dove into the rifts to kill the riftstalker within, thereby sealing the portals.

Super Adventure Festival

(Opakující se festival)

Moto, asurský genius, se objevil v Rata Sum, aby předvedl svůj nejnovější vynález: Super Adventure Box. Představuje ho jako zábavní vynález a ačkoli mu bylo nabídnuto několik nabídek od potencionálních investorů, všechny odmítl. Naštěstí, hrdinové jsou vítáni, aby tuto "hru" otestovali a zjistili, kdo se dokáže dostat přes všechny úrovně.

Super Adventure Festival 2016 Super Adventure Festival 2016

World 1 Zone 1

Vstup do první zóny.

Kettova laboratoř

Snaff byl asurský genius. Po jeho smrti se předává ocenění jeho jménem.

All or Nothing

Caithe arrives in Vabbi and tells the Commander that it's time to discuss plans with Ogden. Shortly after meeting the stone dwarf, he instantly tells them both that they are heading to Thunderhead Keep, the location where the spear that was meant to kill Kralkatorrik was first forged. But first, the Commander and Aurene must undergo yet another trial in Glint's lair, with Caithe accompanying them to keep watch. In the lair, the Commander learns how to use use the resonance crystals and gets to try out the crystal spear. Aurene gets a vision of herself Branded, but the Commander assures her that that will not happen. With the trial complete, Glint teaches Aurene about Ascension and tells the Commander much about Kralkatorrik, like how he saw a vision of a world where he did not exist. After leaving the lair, Caithe mentions that it had been 2 days since they had both entered the lair, and they all head off to the Keep.

At the keep, nearly every allied force has gathered there to prepare for the assault on Kralkatorrik, from Awakened and Olmakhan to the members of the Pact. An Exalted stands by the forge, prepared to forge a new spear, but she needs oil that the dredge harvest to the south of the forge. The dredge's settlement has been attacked by Kralkatorrik, with Branded crystals choking various parts of their machinery. Then, a new mold is taken out of an old dwarven tomb in order to craft the new spears. Sadly, the new spears are far more fragile than the original spears, but many more can be crafted, so they can be distributed among the troops.

Moving into the inner chamber, a sourut sent by Glint informs the Commander about the situation in the Mists. Rifts start opening in the large chamber, but shortly thereafter, Aurene Brands the ground, but in a positive way. Caithe herself gets Aurene-Branded, and is able to speak on behalf of the dragon spawn, communicating: "I am not him." Unfortunately, Aurene's visions of the battle turn out to be accurate, and she is killed by Kralkatorrik.

The Crystal Blooms

Caithe se stává dobrovolné Aurene Branded.


Rekviem: Rytlock

Rekviem: Rytlock

/ Requiem: Rytlock /


To slovo mi připadalo jako střela do hrudníku - ta kulatá věc co patřící Iron Legion, která se rozbíjí a tříští v hrudníku.

Zírali jsme. Ne na Aurene, na komandéra. Jaký byl plán? Další skvělý nápad?

Vždy nějaký měl.

Tohle měl být náš triumf, náš smrtící úder. Dokonce i proroctví bylo na naší straně! A pak to skončilo.

Aurene byla mrtvá. Bylo po Dragon‘s Watch. Stejně jako po Destiny's Edge.

Stejně jako posledně jsem tomu nemohl zabránit.

Aurene, mrtvá. Kralkatorrik, pryč. Jenom pryč. Vrátil se do Mists, aniž bychom ho mohli pronásledovat.

Celoživotní výcvik v Blood legion mi přikazoval, abych zvedl Sohothin a pronásledoval toho zatraceného draka. Pokračovat. Zničit ho. Bez zaváhání, bez kapky strachu.

Mohl jsem udělat víc. Měl jsem udělat víc. Před jedenácti lety jsem sledoval, jak Glint padá z oblohy. Dnes jsem sledoval, jak Kralkatorrik zavraždil naši poslední naději.

Byla tam také Caithe. Myslel jsem, že se bude cítit stejně jako já. Byla tam i předtím. Byla tam, když Snaff…

Myslel jsem, že bude zběsilá.

Nebyla. Komandér se k ní přidal u zkroucené mrtvoly, kterou Kralkatorrik zanechal: Aurene, napíchnutá. Navždy zamrzlá ve smrtelné křeči.

Viděl jsem slzy, ale žádné vztek. Kde byl jejich vztek?

Kde byl plán? Jak jsme měli vyhrát?

Caithe, komandér, Taimi, Braham - všichni truchlící za mrtvého draka. Žádný vztek na Kralkatorrika, který unikl.

Jak by mohli truchlit pro draka?

"Musíš mi věřit, Rytlocku."

Kolikrát jsem to slyšel od komandéra?

Nikdy to nebyl dobrý nápad. Vychovávat jednoho draka od narození, aby zabil jiného a splnil nějaký předpovězený osud?

Charrové ani nevychovávají svá vlastní mláďata. Jak může někdo předpokládat, že má vychovat draka?

Byl to vždycky hloupý plán, ale držel jsem se ho. Ne kvůli důvěře.

Ne, to bylo o loajalitě.

Charrové jsou věrní svému warbandu: jejich bratrům a sestrám ve zbrani.

Pouta vytvořená v bitvě jsou silnější než krevní linie. Ale ve fahraru se také učíme, že naši společníci občas odchází. Pro vyšší dobro. Vítězství především. Čest bojovníkům, sláva vysokým legiím. "Přijatelné ztráty," říká Ruinbringer.

Tak určitě.

Destiny's Edge. Dragon’s Watch. Už více než deset let jsou můj warband - moje rodina. Byli mi věrní. Snažil jsem se být věrný jim. Věřili ve mně, že mám před sebou vítězství. Dokonce i s přijatelnými ztrátami jsem neudělal dost.

Kralkatorrik je v Mistu. Brzy buď přemění celý svět na Brand - nebo vstřebá Mist.

Takže: Ulovíme ho a zabijeme ho. Jednoduché, že?

Jó, ne. To ne.

Aurene byla jediný způsob, jak zachránit Tyrii.

Měla zabít Kralkatorrika, absorbovat jeho magii a - nevím. Není to, jako bychom měli lepší možnosti. Každý další plán končí zničením veškeré existence.

Dokonce i kdyby se nám podařilo Kralkatorrika zničit bez ní, všechna energie, kterou vstřebal - od Zhaitanu, Mordremotha a Balthazaru ...

Výbuch by to byl pěkný.

Všichni moji přátelé, moje rodina - zemřou v tomto odsouzeném světě, protože jsme selhali.

Vždycky jsem byl.

"Runtlock! Runtlock! Runtlock! "

Ten zatracený sbor hlasů znova kolem mě. Strčili mě na zem. Kopali do mě, když jsem ležel na zemi. A někde za tím je můj hlas - malý, sám – křičící, aby přestali. Nepřestanou. Dokud se nevzbudím.

Věděl jsem, že jim to jednoho dne vrátím. Já a moji přátelé bychom je zastavili – ublížili bychom jim, jako oni ublížili nám. Stal jsem se vůdcem mého warbandu. Trénoval každý den. Zabíjel nesčetné řady nepřátel. Legenda mezi charry. Srazili mě na kolena, ale vždycky jsem se postavil zpátky.

Nikdy o tom nesním. Proč nemůžu někdy snít o tomhle?

Byl jsem skrček z vrhu. Vždycky jsem byl skrčkem z vrhu bez ohledu na to, kolik nepřátel jsem roztrhal, bez ohledu na to, kolik starších draků jsem zabil. I kdybych byl Khan-Ur, vždycky bych byl Runtlock.

Nemohl jsem to změnit. Jediné, co jsem mohl udělat, bylo vstát, když mě shodili dolů. Ale i když jsem tyto hlasy utišil, nikdy jsem je nedostal z hlavy, nebo z mých nočních můr.

Ne, dokud jsem nenašel Sohothin.

Vždy jsem se domníval, že je to víc práce pro Ash Legion: infiltrovat Flame Legion a sabotovat operaci Gaherona Baelfirea zevnitř. Obvykle by to znamenalo poslání vyslance do Black Citadel, aby zahájil společnou operaci, ale Imperátor Ruinbringer nevěřil Ash Legion. Stále jí nevěří.

Nikomu nevěří.

Prostě nás poslal dva. Mě a Creciu. Byla jako jeden z těch nožů vyrobených z Canthanského porcelánu – bezchybná a dostatečně ostrá, aby tě rozsekala na kusy.

Crecia se na to hodila, řekl Ruinbringer. Co tím myslel bylo to, že byla žena. Baelfire by to nečekal. Nepodezříval by ji, že by byla v přestrojení bojovníkem Blood Legion.

Měl pravdu, jako obvykle. Dostat se dovnitř bylo jednoduché, možná by to všechno bylo jednoduché, kdybych se většinu času nestrávil snahou nezabít každého, koho jsem potkal, to bylo těžké.

Crecia na to byla líp. Přidávala jed do jídla, kradla plány, měnila rozkazy - Flame Legion nic netušila. Pak jsme dostali nějaké zprávy. O něčem velkém se šuškalo mezi vojáky.

Plamenná legie něco našla a přivedla do naší posádky. Něco neuvěřitelné.

Našli Sohothin.

Snažil jsem se dozvědět víc, ale plížit se kolem? Shromažďování informací? To není přesně můj šálek kávy. Tohle jsme dali dohromady, z toho co jsme zjistili: Flame Legion poslala do Ring of Fire několik vojáků, aby našli starý artefakt, který patřil lidskému princi - Rurikovi. Měl být darem od jejich boha války, Balthazara.

Když jsme slyšeli, že meč opouští naší posádku a míří do Fireheart Rise, má být doručen samotnému imperátorovi Baelfirovi ...

To jsem nemohl dopustit.

Samozřejmě, nemohl jsem to jen tak ukrást. Musel jsem svému parťákovi říct, co jsem plánoval. Problém byl, že Cre dělala příliš dobrou práci, aby toho nechala.

Když jsem jí řekl, co chci udělat, řekla mi, že je to sebevražedná mise. Pravděpodobně bych ji vystavil riziku. Kdyby mě chytili, netrvalo by dlouho a zjistili by, kterému imperátorovi opravdu sloužíme.

Ale byl jsem mladý. Nemohl jsem nechat Baelfira dostat do ruky Sohothin, a moje hlava byla plná…

Byl jsem mladý. Byli jsme mladí.

Udělal jsem to, co jsem si myslel, že musím. Zabil jsem strážce, kteří chránili Sohothin, a vzal ho pro sebe. Prosil Creciu, aby šla se mnou. Možná o tom dokonce uvažovala. Nikdy to nezjistím, protože to neudělala, bodla mě do nohy nožem, aby mě zpomalila a vyhlásila poplach. Později řekla Ruinbringerovi, že se snažila, „aby to vypadalo dobře“.

Nemůžu říct, že bych to v té době ocenil, i když to fungovalo. Pokračovala v tom divadýlku pár let poté, co jsem odešel.

Myslím na ni někdy - její jemné linie a ostré hrany. Jizva na noze mi připomíná, co jsem udělal, přesto přemýšlím, jestli je Cre jedna z těch "přijatelných ztrát", o kterých naši učitelé ve fahraru tak moc rádi mluvili.

Ale měl jsem Sohothin.

To bylo důležité.

Imperátor Ruinbringer nebyl rád, když viděl, že jsem zničil svoje krytí. Ale ukrást Baelfirovu tajnou zbraň? To mu zlepšilo náladu.

Teď, když jsem se vrátil ke svému Stone warbandu, se Ruinbringer rozhodl, že nás postaví do předních linií dalšího velkého útoku - se mnou a Sohothinem v čele.

Chtěl, aby plamenná legie viděla jejich drahocenný artefakt v rukách nepřítele.

Chtěl, aby plamenná legie viděla jejich vlastní magii.

Chtěl, aby se plamenná legie bála ohně.

A oni se báli. Bitva po bitvě, Sohothin si razil cestu nepřátelskými liniemi. Jejich šípy, jejich čepele, kouzla - všechna mě srazila na zem, ale vždycky jsem se zvedl.

Moje legenda rostla. Moje síla rostla. Můj warband… se vzdálil.

Ale na tom nezáleželo. Měl jsem Sohothin a byl jsem nezastavitelný.

Vyhrával jsem bitvu po bitvě, a ty fanatiky z Flame Legion spálil jako suchý troud. Rytlock Brimstone byl nejobávanější charr na bojišti.

Moji nadřízení se mě pokoušeli ovládat, snažili mě zpomalit. Ale se Sohothinem? Nikdo mě nikdy nezastavil.

Mým nadřízeným se to moc nelíbilo.

"Měl jsem tě nechat popravit, víš?"

Vzpomínám si, jak Ruinbringerovy oči svítily a zuby zářily v té tlumeně osvětlené místnosti v Blood Citadel. Tvrdil, že jsem nesplnil rozkazy, že jsem vystavil své spolubojovníky nebezpečí. Že jsem si myslel, že jsem byl lepší než on.

Řekl jsem mu, že mám názory na rozkazy, které jsem dostal.

"Na bojišti?" Ušklíbl se. "To je špatné místo, kde mít názory."

Další slova z mých úst byla chybou. "Jenom když prohrajeme," řekl jsem. "Musel bych nějakou bitvu prvně prohrát."

Ruinbringer se zvedl z trůnu. Snažil jsem se stát vyšší, důstojný.

"No, teď jednu prohráváš."

Zaskřípal jsem zuby. Věděl jsem, co přijde dál. Nebo alespoň jsem si myslel, že to vím.

"Nestaneš se gladium," řekl Ruinbringer. "Budeš povýšen."

Byl jsem zmatený, ale řekl jsem mu, že je mi ctí. To byla chyba.

Ruinbringer mi ukázal těžký pergamen, složený, zapečetěný voskem. "Pojedeš na menší návštěvu ostatních legií," pokračoval. "Možná, že tvoje motivující osobnost jim přinese stejná vítězství, jaká jsi přinesl nám."

Prostě mě popravte. Ostatní legie? Nebojují jako Blood. Iron se schovává za svými stroji. Ash se plíží okolo ve stínech. Ale nedalo se mu to rozmluvit. Ruinbringer si užíval myšlenky na to, že se cítím mizerně víc, než si užívám vítězství.

Všechna moje vítězství, veškerá krev, kterou jsem prolil pro svou legii - v tu chvíli to neznamenalo nic.

Nikdy jsem si nemyslel, že bych se znovu cítil tak neschopný.

Byl jsem tam, v Crystal Desert. Písek byl jako sklo. Podíval jsem se doprava: Glintino tělo. Podíval jsem se doleva: její svatyně, jen rozbitá zřícenina. A přede mnou: Snaff.

Co z něj zbylo.

Mohl jsem udělat víc, abych zachránil toho malého asuru. Kdybych nebyl tak soustředěný na to, abych zabil Kralkatorrika, viděl bych, že ho Branded přemohli.

Ta obrovská síla Sohothinu – a přesto přede mnou ležela Snaffova mrtvola.

Ale nepoučil jsem se. Nikdy jsem se nepoučil. Ale moje chyby nebyly u konce, mělo kvůli nim zemřít více lidí.

Měl jsem se setkat s bohem války a ohněm, než se ta lekce dostala přes mou tlustou lebku.

"Je to tvůj meč?"

Cizincův hlas se nesl daleko do Mistu. Byl hluboký, silný - možná v životě byl nějakým velkým lordem, skřížil cestu někomu, někomu, komu neměl, skončil v těchto pustinách přikovaný k zemi. Nezáleželo mi na tom.

Mé oči byly na čepeli pohřbené hluboko v kameni, jeho plamen byl dlouho zhaslý. Můj cíl, konečně v dohledu, jak dlouho to bylo? Čas v Mistu je zvláštní.

"Jen se ptám," řekl cizinec, "protože to vypadá, že Sohothin ztratil svůj plamen."

Zastavil jsem. Nebo možná jen moje srdce.

"Jak znáte jeho jméno?"

Cizinec se usmál.

"Kdo o Sohothinu neví?" Zeptal se. "Legendární čepel ohně a války, v rukou charra."

Drby se šíří. Nabízel, že by ho znovu zapálil.

Měl jsem to vědět. To byl okamžik, kdy mi to mělo dojít. Já idiot.

Ale bylo to také okamžik, kdy jsem si uvědomil, že bych dostal Sohothin zpět. Toulal jsem se po Mists, která mi připadala jako celý život, pradávné bitvy, které se opakují po celou věčnost – a teď byla šance dostat zpět světlo. Mé světlo.

Neptal jsem se, kdo je, nebo proč byl spoután. Jen jsem chtěl svůj život zpátky.

"Můžeš ho znovu zažehnout?"

Cizinec zvedl ruku a plamen Sohothinu znovu zahořel a jeho světlo procházelo skrz mlhy Mistu.

Měl jsem si všimnout, jak snadno jeho svaly ignorují váhu jeho řetězů. Měla jsem si všimnout, jak mu v očích září hladový odraz plamene.

Ale kolik jsem opravdu viděl? A kolik si jen přeji, že jsem viděl?

Jiskry a popel se naplnily vzduchem, když jsem vytáhl čepel z kamene. Jeho teplo mi připadalo známé. Teď jsem se také usmíval. Se Sohothinem se vše vždycky zdálo trochu jednodušší.

"Ta čepel je opravdu zázrak," řekl cizinec. "Vidím, jak se na to díváte. Ceníte si, jak je zvláštní."

Řekl jsem mu, že provedl dobrou práci, jeho jediná odpověď bylo to, že před sebe natáhl ruce s řetězy.

A pak jsem ho osvobodil.

Byla to moje chyba. Všechno, co následovalo, protože jsem chtěl ten zatracený meč zpátky.

Řekl jsem si, že je to pro svobodu Ascalonu od jeho prokletí, ale tato omluva netrvala dlouho. Chtěl jsem Sohothin, protože byl můj. Protože jsem si ho vysloužil. Nebo alespoň, jsem za něj zaplatil.

Když cizinec - když Balthazar - viděl, jak jsem se na něj díval, mohl vidět, co jsem si o sobě bez Sohothinu myslel?

Když jsem ho osvobodil, šel do Elony. Zabil Vlasta. Zabil komandéra. Zničil smlouvu s Jokem. Téměř zničil svět.

Všechno proto, že jsem chtěl ten meč zpátky.

Byla to moje chyba.

A teď jsem stejně bezmocný jako jsem byl tehdy. Nemohl jsem zabránit Loganovi odejít. Nemohl jsem zachránit Snaffa. Nemohl jsem zachránit Destiny's Edge nebo Vlasta ... nebo Aurene.

Bez Sohothinu, co jsem? Kdo je Rytlock Brimstone bez legendárního meče? Byl bych ještě tribun? Byl bych stále známý v celých High Legions?

Kdybych umřel a někdo jiný jsi vzal meč, dopadlo by to lépe?

Rozhlédl jsem se ruinami Thunderhead Keep. Na komandér. Caithe. Taimi. Brahama.

Moji spojenci. Moji přátelé. Moje rodina.

Ale bylo toho víc. Ta myšlenka, která se hluboce zarývá do hlavy.

Má mláďata, která nikdy nepotkám.

Poslala jsem je do fahraru před lety. Tak to děláme.

Neměl jsem být součástí jejich života, ale to mi vždy přišlo... špatné. Moji rodiče mě nechali bojovat. Jediný způsob, jak přežít ve fahraru, je bojovat s vlastními bitvy, zuby a drápky.

I přes to. Jednou za čas je zkontroluji. Stačí vidět, jak se mají. Ujistit se, že se nedostávají do problémů - a ujistit se, že jim nikdo problémy nedělá.

Už je nikdy neuvidím. Budou hledět na oblohu, když Mists zmizí a vše skončí. Bude s nimi jejich warband, aby jim pomohl? Někteří jsou příliš mladí - ještě neopustili fahrar. Zemřou, aniž by věděli, co je to přátelství ve warbandu.


A můj nejstarší. Můj první. Chtěl by se dokonce obtěžovat myslet na mě, když se svět bude rozpadat?

Tehdy přišly slzy. Konečně.

Uvědomil jsem si, proč Caithe plakala. Proč komandér plakal. Aurene pro ně nebyla jen drak.

Byla to jejich dcera.

Před jedenácti lety jsem stál v Crystal Desert a viděl jsem, jak moc jsem bezmocný. I se Sohothinem se všechno rozpadlo. Kralkatorrik utekl. Moji přátelé buď zemřeli, nebo mě opustili.

Moji nadřízení to nazývají „přijatelné ztráty“.

Celý můj život mi říkali, že můj warband byla moje rodina. Všechno, co jsem udělal, každé vítězství, které jsem vyhrál - to bylo pro ně. Všechno, co jsem musel obětovat, byla přijatelná ztráta.

Ale nejsou přijatelné. Ne, když ztrácím lidi, na kterých mi záleží. Moji druzi. Moji přátelé.

Moje mláďata.

Nikdy bych to nechtěl. Kašlu na High Legions. Zničit je všechny od základu.

Sotva znám svá mláďata, ale pokud Kralkatorrik ohrožoval jednoho z nich - obětoval bych svůj meč v mžiku oka.

Stoupl bych si před ně.

Zemřel bych pro ně.

Jo, myslím, že to teď už chápu.

"Rytlocku?"zavolal Logan. Jeho hlas mě vrátil zpět do současnosti. "Viděl jsem, jak se potloukáš okolo."

Byla to pravda. Po celé Thunderhead Keep. Teď jsem se přikrčil na kusu kamene, daleko od ostatních, schovával se ve stínu. Myslel jsem, že by bylo těžké mě najít. Hádám, že jsem se mýlil.

"Jenom přemýšlím."

"Správně." Koutkem oka vidím, že Logan něco vyndal.. "To jsi nechal Aurinina... u Aurene."

Je to Sohothin. Nevzpomínám si, že jsem ho tam nechal ležet, tak se na Sohothin podívám, na něj a na Logana, a snažím se vymyslet co říct.

Nic mě nenapadlo, dokud ho neopřel o zeď a neotočil se k odchodu.

"Logane, já ..."

Logan se zastavil. "Ano?"

Čeká. Trpělivě – to mu musím nechat. Nevím, jak dlouho tam stojí, jako nějaké obležení. Přátelské. Pohlédl jsem na meč.

"Nepotřeboval jsem ho."

Další ticho. Delší. "Pojď," říká, "podíváme se po ostatních. Potřebují nás. "

Po tom všem, jak mu můžu odporovat?

Začnu odcházet, ale Loganova ruka mi přistane na rameni. "Rytlocku. Tvůj meč. "

Je to víc než meč. Už dávno jsem se rozhodl, že Sohothin je důležitější než Cre, kterou jsem opustil. Rozhodl jsem se, že je mnohem důležitější mít Sohothin než rodinu po mém boku.

Ale mohl bych zabít každou zatracenou věc na celém světě. Mohl bych vládnout všem čtyřem legiím jako další Khan-Ur a nikdy bych nebyl šťastný. Nestojí to za to.

Nemohl jsem spravit svět. Nemohl jsem ani spravit sebe.

A tak pokračuju. "Nepotřebuji ho," opakuji. "Je to jen meč. Bude tady, až se vrátím."

Logan vypadá podezřívavě. "Jsi si jist?"

I se Sohothinem nikdy nebudu tak silný, jak musím být.

Ale nejsem ani bezmocný. Ne když je mám. Můj warband - moje rodina.

Ne když mohu pořád bojovat za ně.

„Jo. Bude to v pořádku“

Rytlock a Logan

Rekviem: Zafirah

Rekviem: Zafirah

/ Requiem: Zafirah /

There was a vision.

A promise—that we'd win.

My god is dead. Aurene, gone. The warmth of Balthazar's spirit is now just cold, lifeless crystal. Kralkatorrik took her from me, just as his Brand will soon take this world.

I thought that I had finally found...something. A hope that what I was holding on to was real. That it was pure and good.

Maybe it was.

Maybe what I had for that short time between my lowest point and the end of all things was as good as it will ever get for me.

Or maybe the vision that saw me standing there at her side during the final battle against Kralkatorrik was meant as a warning for me stay away.

There is no solace in what lies ahead. All I can do is look to the past, and I carry it with me wherever I go.

The rifle on my back is a symbol of what came first.

The first things I remember: the glare of the sun, the blistering heat of the desert, and my family's screams.

There are other voices, too. Deeper, guttural, crying out their praise for Palawa Joko as if the lich could hear their devotion across all of Elona. My mother and father, my sister and my brother—they hurried me out the door and into the vast desert with only my mother's rifle and a small bag, heavy with ammunition. Too heavy for a child, but not nearly enough for what lay ahead.

They told me to escape to Amnoon. Made me promise I would survive.

So I ran, and their screams became one with the desert winds howling at my back.

I fled north through the Scourgeway, through the Desolation and away from Joko—whatever that meant in Elona. Then I hit the Bone Wall. Nobody could sneak through the gate without going through at least three dozen Awakened...and these weren't the mindless boors that wandered through farms and villages, scaring up support for the lich. These ones couldn't be fooled. Couldn't be reasoned with. If you tried to slip through the gate with a flimsy excuse or poorly forged papers, you didn't go to prison.

You were killed on the spot.

I saw it happen as I was summoning the courage to try my own luck. The poor fool stumbled in front of me, insisting he had permission to cross with a small group of farmers working the Elon Riverlands beyond. The guards showed him no patience, no mercy. Maybe he was part of the group. Maybe he wasn't.

It was clear to me that I'd never get through on my own. I was trapped, wandering the Desolation.

I'm not sure how long I hid in the Desolation. I was alone with forty-six bullets left in that heavy bag my family placed in my hands. Some wild game lasted longer than others, but once I was out of ammunition...that was it. I needed to escape through the Joko Gate.

There were rock gazelle, of course. Sand eels and devourers—though missing a shot meant drawing their attention, which was dangerous. I learned not to do that.

One particularly desperate day, I even tried making a meal of a sulfurous ooze. The less said about that, the better.

If any of Joko's Awakened found me, they needed bullets too. But that was a waste. I learned to hide from them.

When I wasn't out hunting or trying to plot my way through the gate, I was left alone with my thoughts. All of them about the family I'd lost and everything that had been taken from me.

There had been the farm, chores, target practice in the morning—the routine of a simple life. A life that wasn't mine anymore.

Of course I wanted to mourn. Of course I wanted to grieve. But I couldn't. To grieve would take time. Effort. I couldn't waste it. I needed to survive. I needed to move on. I needed to get to the Elon Riverlands, to the Crystal Oasis, to Amnoon.

It would be thirty-one pulls of the trigger before I'd have that chance.

Find my center.

Breathe out.

Don't pull. Squeeze.

The CRACK of the bullet. The flame at the muzzle. The kick of the rifle. Then, the long silence.

The rock gazelle's silhouette disappeared from the horizon. It was done.

But there was already another silhouette in the distance. Awakened, I thought. I looked through the rifle scope and saw it was an Elonian—a woman, dressed in finery nicer than any I had ever seen. She was looking at the gazelle, checking to see how it fell. She turned in my direction and waved, sitting down on a rocky outcropping as if waiting for me.

I felt something. How long had it been since somebody acknowledged me? Weeks. Over a month at least.

I reloaded the rifle and pulled the strap over my head so it hung loose by my side. If she tried to take my kill from me, it would be easy to sling the rifle up into my ready arms.

As I got closer, the shock on her face was clear as the sky was blue. She shook her head, impressed, and gestured down at the dead gazelle. Flies were already congregating.

"This was you?" she asked.


"What's your name, girl?"

I remember her careful movements. Slow. Deliberate. Unafraid.

As I put myself between her and my kill, she explained that the gazelle wasn't mine, that it belonged to the shepherds who paid the Hamaseen good money to keep the herd alive. But her tone wasn't patronizing or malicious. She seemed...impressed? Amused? Nothing I'd expected.

"I don't know what the Hamaseen is," I'd insisted, "but it can't have this one. And neither can you."

She smiled then. "Not for nothing," she said. I remember that, because I would hear it many times after. She asked me who taught me to be such an incredible shot. I offered her no answer except for my silence, but she saw something in me—something I didn't mean to show.

She said she understood. That she was sorry.

I couldn't imagine how this stranger could possibly understand. I felt the fury and confusion building in me until she spoke the words: "The Joko Gate. You want to go through it?"

Not for nothing, of course.

She would take care of me. She would get me past the Bone Wall. She would forgive me for shooting the gazelle.

All I needed to do was pledge my aim to the Hamaseen.

Zalambur was quick to see my talent, and quicker to take advantage of it. If he didn't, in his mind, somebody else would. There were plenty of other members of the Hamaseen who asked for my aid, but Zalambur was the only one to demand it.

And Zalambur demanded only the best.

When he first laid eyes the old, battered rifle I carried, it didn't matter to him that I could hit anything I saw in my scope. He couldn't know what it meant to me. Against my wishes, he replaced my mother's rifle with a new one branded with the symbol of the Hamaseen. Its scope was twice as powerful, and capable of firing twice as quickly with half the kick.

He told me I would need it if I was to be his Deadeye.

I hated it. But also, I loved it. I don't know what happened to my mother's rifle, but Zalambur insisted it didn't matter. It was a thing. An instrument. A tool to be used, then discarded.

The new rifle served me well as targets soon turned from wild game to Awakened. Then to Elonians I didn't recognize. Then to Elonians I did.

Zalambur climbed the ranks of the Hamaseen atop a pile of my shell casings.

I was respected among the Hamaseen, but with that respect came fear. Even with all the power Zalambur offered, I felt something missing. There was an emptiness to it all.

I wouldn't know what that something was until I found the Zaishen.

For as long as I could remember, the Six Gods had no place in Joko's Elona. I'd never spent much time thinking about them. Zalambur and his Hamaseen associates weren't exactly...devout. And my own parents, as far as I remember, didn't pray to any of the Six.

So when Zalambur told me that I was going to be protecting a group of Zaishen priests as they traveled through the Joko Gate from the Desolation into the Elon Riverlands—the very same path I had traveled years before—I didn't think much of it. Zalambur sent me to work with many Elonian factions, after all. He always considered himself something of a caregiver to the oppressed suffering under Joko's heel. If there was a group out there capable of irking the lich lord, then Zalambur took great satisfaction in throwing his support behind them.

But looking at these priests, I wondered why Zalambur was wasting his time.

I met them in a small cave surrounded by acrid, toxic pools, somewhere east of the Helcoid Seeps. There were eight of them, all of them garbed in heavy robes dyed bright orange and black. Their leader, Atsu, had some sort of decorative mesh headwear that covered his face, like a helmet with no actual defensive purpose. I remember thinking it was silly.

To be honest, everything about the Order of the Zaishen seemed silly to me at first. Balthazar was a god of fire and war. How do you live your life by fire and war?

I was an agent of death and destruction within the Hamaseen, but I hadn't sought it out. It wasn't a part of me. After years of service, even with the power and prestige Zalambur offered, I still felt nothing but emptiness and the fear of the others in the Hamaseen. I could never be one of them, not truly—because if they crossed Zalambur, I was the one he would send to end them. People kept me at arm's length. Who would want that? Who would crave that?

I was wrong. I was wrong about everything.

Atsu, the priest, had done something I would never forget.

I had just taken down an Awakened patrol from high in the canyons above, to guarantee safe passage north. Atsu had asked to come with me to my perch, to "see me at work." Zalambur didn't want me to anger these priests, so I agreed—though I paid him no mind, refusing to let his presence distract me.

Find my center.

Breathe out.

Don't pull. Squeeze.

The CRACK of the bullet. The flame at the muzzle. The kick of the rifle. Then, the long silence.

Zalambur had expressed joy when he saw my skill with a rifle, knowing how he could use it to further his own ends. Most others expressed surprise or fear, knowing then that if they were marked, they wouldn't see their end coming.

But Atsu?

Atsu prayed.

"Praise be to Balthazar for this gift."

He prayed after each shot I took—four to take down the whole patrol.

I'd heard many different reactions to my prowess with a rifle, but never that it was some divine gift. I was...unprepared for that. When I tried to dismiss it, he seemed disappointed. Not that I was rejecting his gratitude, but that, in his own words: I was unaware of just how special I was. How special I was to Balthazar.

Then I felt something. I didn't know what it was at first, but it felt strangely familiar to me. A power. A presence. Had I felt it before? Had it always been there?

Atsu unsheathed his dagger and pressed the hilt into my palm. The Zaishen insignia—something I'd never seen before—was carved into the bottom. To me, it looked like two flaming wings carrying a bullseye.

He told me Balthazar praises those who act.

Balthazar praises those who step forward, not back.

Balthazar praises those who do not hesitate, both in life and on the battlefield.

And most importantly, Balthazar praises those who can take a life to save others.

To the Zaishen, it's never about killing, but killing to secure safety for the many.

Not to wage wars, but to win wars.

Not to kill, but to protect.

Atsu asked me what I was killing for as a Deadeye for the Hamaseen.

What had I become? Was this truly what I wanted to be? What I was meant to be?

No. No, it was not.

At least, I thought it wasn't. I wouldn't know the truth until...


The Zaishen told me I was one of them, accepted me with open arms. I had been given a gift by Balthazar himself, they said. And I believed them. I felt Balthazar's presence that day. His power was there, all around me, guiding my hand. It had always been there, I realized—a shadow of a thought in the back of my mind. It wasn't until Atsu spoke to me in that cave high above the Desolation that I finally realized my true calling.

So I left the Hamaseen. Left Zalambur. Left it all.

But I kept the rifle.

Under Atsu's guidance, I donned the garb of the Zaishen. I learned the words Balthazar spoke to us long ago, when he helped humanity conquer Ascalon. I learned to listen to his voice deep within me and spread it to those who could not hear him.

The Zaishen did not fear me. The Zaishen did not want to use me for their own ends. The Zaishen simply were. And I simply was. I was a part of them—a part of something greater than myself, greater than any one person.

I was part of a family again.

I was a priestess of Balthazar.

And then my god came to Tyria.

I knew.

The moment I saw him, I knew this was my god. I knew this was the one I had pledged my service to. The one who had given me my gift. The one who had brought purpose and meaning back to my life.

But something was wrong. He stood before me, tall and imposing, power radiating from his physical form...but this power was different from what I had felt all those years before. His voice dissonant from the one I heard within me.

Still, I was blindsided when he betrayed us.

I tried to rationalize. I was even successful, for a time. Weeks passed where I convinced my Zaishen brothers and sisters to take up arms against both the Pact commander and the Branded.

I watched them throw their lives away.

I couldn't deny my god. The whispers I had once felt within me grew in volume and urgency. Whatever Balthazar asked of me, of the Zaishen, we readily gave him. We would sacrifice all our lives to rid the world of the Crystal Dragon.

The Zaishen joined Balthazar's Forged army and pushed into the Crystal Desert. We would destroy Kralkatorrik, and we would save Tyria from his vile Brand.

Nothing could stop us.

Until the commander did.

Argon Garrison. It was to be my final stand.

I knew I'd never kill the Crystal Dragon, but I had to do something.

There, with my fallen god's sword, I would end my life on my own terms. I would go down fighting, as Balthazar demanded.

I raised the rifle.

Find my center.

Breathe out.

Don't pull. Squeeze.

The CRACK of the bullet. The flame at the muzzle. The kick of the rifle. Then—

The sound of the metal CLANG reverberated through the training yard. I’d seen canisters like it all over the Crystal Desert, filled with paralyzing gas. The Forged used them to subdue any who thought they could surprise us from the caves and old ruins that peppered the landscape. And it was always easier to interrogate a living prisoner than a dead one.

With my god and his Forged defeated, there was little doubt the Pact was stocking their weaponry, taking it for themselves.

I would make use of it all one last time. If anyone tried to take the sword, they would either feel the bite of my rifle, or fall to the choking haze filling the garrison.

Then, there was a sound in the yard.

"If you're here to claim his sword, turn around!" I shouted down at the intruder. "You have no right to it. Leave now, and live."

But wait. Only one intruder? Who would be foolish enough to—

I looked through my scope.

It was...

It was the god-killer.

Instinct. That's all it ever is in a fight. I was angry. I wanted revenge.

And I told the commander that I wanted it. On the Pact. On Balthazar's enemies. They had killed my brothers and sisters, and the god that gave me purpose.

Later, much later, I realized this wasn't exactly true. While I did want revenge, it wasn't against the commander, or the Pact, or even my god's enemies.

I wanted revenge against my god himself. Against Balthazar.

Balthazar killed the Zaishen, my brothers and sisters. Balthazar sent us to die. Sent us to fight the Crystal Dragon. To give our lives for a war that could only end in Tyria's destruction.

And it was the commander who killed him before he could kill all of us.

The commander saved me and what was left of the Zaishen.

We remember Balthazar differently. He helped us discover our best selves. Helped us find a family.

I cannot let who he became—the one who betrayed all of that—shake my devotion.

My faith is not in the god himself. His flesh, such as it was. My faith is in what he made me feel—his power, his potential. A potential that lived on in Aurene.

Until she died.

I don't know how long I knelt before Aurene's still form, searching for something. For anything.

All I saw there was my own face, reflected back in the facets of Kralkatorrik's crystal. I began to think about those hours in Argon Garrison. I began to think about what I'd done. Atsu's words came back to me.

What are you killing for?

I should have asked that before. I should have thought about how Balthazar treated the Zaishen. How he treated me.

How he treated the Zaishen as his weapons to use as he saw fit.

His tools. Implements. Things to be used, then discarded.

A thousand fragmented faces looked back at me from the crystal. A thousand faces with the same pained expression. A thousand faces all trying to find an answer to Atsu's question.

When I was up in that garrison, I didn't know.

I wasn't trying to answer the question. With my dead god's extinguished blade drawn close, I realize only now I was trying to hold on to the purpose that had been taken from me.

I was lost, filled with despair. My god was dead. My family had become sworn enemies of Elona. The one who had given my life meaning was now being cursed as a pariah who had nearly doomed the world in a fit of madness.

I had spent my life telling others of Balthazar's virtues.

That Balthazar praises those who act.

That Balthazar praises those who step forward, not back.

That Balthazar praises those who do not hesitate, both in life and on the battlefield.

That Balthazar praises those who can take a life to save others.

That Balthazar's Zaishen did not take lives, but protected them.

These were the virtues of Balthazar. The virtues I had lived by. The virtues that had given me purpose and strength. And I would never be able to speak of them again.

When I was up in that garrison, I saw no path forward. Felt no purpose. I wanted everything to end. I wanted them to end me.

The commander showed me another way.

Zalambur and the Hamaseen used me as I had used my rifle, as a tool that fired bullets to increase one man's power over others.

Balthazar used me to strike against the Crystal Dragon, no matter what the consequences for the Zaishen.

But the commander? The commander saw me in a vision. A prophecy.

For the first time—for the only time—my destiny was firm. I didn't need to wonder if I had chosen the right path, or trusted the right people. I didn't need to know if my bullets or blade were being used for the right purpose.

Fate—not a person, not a god—had chosen me. I didn't need to worry anymore.

There was something else, too. In these last fleeting weeks, I saw what family and leadership is truly meant to be. Aurene, blessed with Balthazar's magic, yet benevolent and caring. She stood in front of those weaker than herself. She died protecting the commander. Protecting us.

Balthazar would never have done that.

I finally understood.

Balthazar is gone.

Aurene is gone.

Tyria is as good as gone.

But I remain. I still stand, along with the commander and the Pact. Along with the Zaishen.

Fate dictated I be there at the end of the world. If it is to fall to dust, then I will speak the tenets of Balthazar until the ground crumbles beneath my feet. I will shout the story of Aurene and her champion until the breath leaves my lungs and I fall into the void.

All the things I put my faith in have left me.

Now, in these final moments, I put faith in myself and in fate.

Nothing else matters.

Rekviem: Caithe

Rekviem: Caithe

/ Requiem: Caithe /

It's strange. Here, at the end, all I can think about is the beginning.

You were so small once. A tiny, jewel-bright bird beginning to test her wings. Every time you took flight, it stole my breath away. I should've spent more time in those moments, little one. Now I'll never see you fly again.

And Kralkatorrik—the one who took you from me—has slipped through our fingers again. The end has come. Without you, what hope does Tyria have? My duty now is to bear witness to the end of all things. To stand beside your shell as I wait for reality itself to crumble away.

It doesn't frighten me. How could it? My world ended when your heart stopped beating.

The Pale Tree, the Dream, Ventari's Tablet—they taught us sylvari are born fully grown. But before you, I was a child. I considered myself the most important creature in the world.

I made so many mistakes.

I wonder if you still would've liked me back then. When I watched Cadeyrn beg the Pale Tree to change her ways. We were just beginning to see what the world was really like beyond the safety of our peaceful Grove, and it shook us.

Tyria was so big, so full of contradictions. Ventari's Tablet didn't explain why other civilizations—other people—have mothers and fathers. Why they follow the scripture of gods they can't see. Why some follow no scripture at all.

It didn't explain why the asura found Malomedies and pulled his brilliant mind apart, changing him forever with their torture in the name of science.

The firstborn clung to Ventari's Tablet, using its peaceful teachings as a shield. But the secondborn were frustrated, restless. And Cadeyrn, a child of the daylight, wanted action.

He wanted vengeance.

Cadeyrn stood before the Pale Tree and asked her to abandon Ventari's Tablet. The world had shown us its ugly face, he said, and the tablet prevented us from defending ourselves. He wanted us to display our strength. Show our thorns.

I remember thinking he was a fool. An empty-headed secondborn who could never understand the importance of a peaceful life. I hoped the Pale Tree's avatar would appear and tear him down for his ridiculous ideas.

Instead, he received only silence.

It was one of those moments where fate diverged. Where mere words could've changed the course of everything to come. If only I could have seen a glimpse of the future like you, I would have acted differently. I would have known that who I was then is not who I wish to be now.

Cadeyrn was wounded. Of course he was—he had spoken out, and the Pale Tree ignored him.

"I am the first of my generation," he insisted. "I deserve to be heard!"

I could've been gentle with him. Told him he mattered, that the Pale Tree heard and understood all her children. I could've been harsh and called him a traitor. Warned him his wild streak would endanger us all. They were both what he needed to hear.

But I was callous back then. And so, so shallow.

"Why should she care?" I said. "She has thousands of children now, Cadeyrn. You're either firstborn...or you're simply sylvari."

Worst of all: I believed my words. I thought I and the other firstborn were superior. Free from generational strife and political atrocities. Perfect and pure. In time, the Jungle Dragon would prove us wrong.

I wish I could go back and erase the smugness of my voice. Soothe the sting of what I said to Cadeyrn.

But I said it, and it changed him. My cruelty hardened his heart and planted the seed of resentment. Hatred. I know I wasn't the only one, but I helped set him down the road he would soon follow. To the creation of the Nightmare Court.

To Faolain.

From the moment we emerged together, Faolain and I were like twin leaves sprouted from the same branch. She had endless questions, and all I ever wanted was to find the answers for her. We ventured into the vast unknown together, saw beautiful and terrible things. We made the world our own.

I thought I had been created just for her. That she was born to discover, to change and shape everything she touched, and I was born to love her.

Maybe I really did love Faolain, in my own way. But I was so selfish then. I think I only loved the way everyone looked at me when I was with her.

She knew this. And she used it.

When I was young, I thought I knew everything there was to know. I was a firstborn sylvari—the tablet told us we were the purest creatures in the world. And I believed it, because I wanted so desperately to be unique. To be special.

We were just beginning to see our own insignificance in the world, and while it drove Faolain and made her hungrier, it caused me to turn inward, become even more arrogant. It masked my fear of not being important. Of becoming nothing.

It was the tiniest seed of a weakness, the desire—no, the need—to be exceptional. But Faolain found it. She had a knack for finding weaknesses. And for exploiting them.

In the beginning, she was sweet, even romantic. She took me to moonlit clearings, where fireflies danced around our feet. She wove summer flowers through my hair and held my face in her hands and told me I was the most beautiful, important person she would ever know. That I would make a difference. That she was proud of me.

I loved the way she looked at me, like I was the only creature in the world. I felt like she understood me, as no one else could. There was such admiration in her eyes, it became hard to look away. I needed her to be my mirror, because I couldn't see what she saw. I needed her love to feel whole.

Which was precisely what she wanted.

Depending on Faolain felt so natural, just like loving her. I was so young, so untested; I thought they were the same thing. I knew as long as I had Faolain, I could do anything. I was ensnared. I was her prey.

That was when things changed.

It's easy to look back now and say I should've seen what Faolain really was. What she was doing when she would ignore me for days at a time, seemingly out of the blue. When she would come back as if nothing happened and chastise me for getting upset.

But it's so difficult to recognize when you're under the murky water. She made it difficult.

She would starve me of the attention she had once lavished on me. She withheld it from me when she saw I was hungriest for it. And when I would finally get angry, she wilted. Acted as though I had wounded her. She made it my fault. Mine. Never hers. Not even ours together.

Faolain began hinting that I was becoming dull. She said that without her, I would be indistinguishable from other sylvari. Sometimes, she wondered out loud if she would grow bored with me. She knew exactly what to say. And I was so deep under the water, I believed her.

I would do whatever it took to regain her attention. I did favors for her, made myself perfect for her, picked fights with her. In my eyes, even her anger was better than her indifference. But none of it worked.

The only time she gave me her full attention was to scrutinize me.

Faolain picked me apart. The things she used to say she loved about me—my directness, my preference for listening over speaking, the way I brought her back when she pushed boundaries—now she criticized, even despised them.

She said I was holding her back. That she could be so much more without me, but she stayed with me out of pity. And just when I'd decide I was more miserable with her than I could ever be on my own, she would turn back into the loving, attentive partner I remembered from long ago. She would take me back to the clearing and weave flowers into my hair. Tell me I was still special, if only I could stop dragging myself down.

I wish I could say I escaped her in the end, little one. But she escaped me. In the Nightmare Court, she found a community of sylvari desperate for change, for something they could believe in. And she used them, too.

My freedom lay in staying behind when she left. I used the Pale Tree and Ventari's Tablet to give me the strength I didn't think I had, and they helped me move past her. The Pale Tree helped me to live well and fully, to never leave a wrong to ripen into evil. Those teachings gave me the peace I needed. They gave me a purpose where I had none.

But that was all a lie, too.

When Wynne revealed the truth of the sylvari to me—that we were created only to serve Mordremoth—I felt hollowed out all over again. The Pale Tree's words healed me and brought me out of the darkness, but they had been empty. A convenient lie she spun to give us meaning where there was none. We were not pure—we were simply tools to be directed at a target. I was meant to be used. Again.

I was so angry at the Pale Tree, at my mother. But I understand why she hid the truth from us. A mother does whatever she can to protect her child, even if it means lying.

I wish I could take away the terrible knowledge you had to live with, little one. I wish I could undo your fate and make it my own. Everything I've been through, I would suffer it again just to spare you.

That's what love is.

Do you remember when we first met? You were still inside your egg, growing into the beautiful creature you would soon become.

Mordremoth spoke to me the same way the Dream did; not with thoughts, but with feelings. Desires. Impulses. I felt my second Wyld Hunt tickle the back of my mind: to protect Glint's egg. Protect you.

The feeling came so easily, wanting to keep you safe. I hadn't even seen your face, but I knew you were so, so special. Protecting you wasn't an order—it was an instinct.

But then the thoughts turned. Take the egg to the Heart of Maguuma, my impulse told me. I didn't know what I would find there, but the very fibers of my heart were pulling me forward.

Sylvari are not meant to question their Wyld Hunts. We were made to fulfill them. But I remembered what Wynne told me when she revealed the truth.

Trust no one. Not even the commander.

I tried to make sense of the notion blossoming in my mind—one that felt so much like it was my own. But I knew that Mordremoth's whispers were indistinguishable from my Wyld Hunt. Was I to just ignore my own desires? Did my instinct even belong to me anymore? Or was I being used, yet again?

I was more alone than I had ever been. The Pale Tree, the commander, Wynne... I trusted no one. Not even myself. It was just you and me and that horrible, endless jungle.

And so I focused on you. I devoted every part of myself to keeping you from harm. I understood your importance in the world, even if I wasn't certain of the future, but it was more than that. You were all I had. I couldn't lose you, too. Losing you would mean losing myself.

I think that was when I understood. I would never be significant, and that was okay. No sylvari—not Cadeyrn, not Faolain, or Wynne, not even the Pale Tree—mattered all that much. We weren't pure, perfect beings, and we weren't the most important creatures in the world.

You were.

And I would protect you with everything I had.

The Pale Tree protected me—protected all sylvari—the only way she knew how. She hid the terrible truths of the world from us and tried to make us feel safe and supported.

It made me believe I was chosen. Special. But it was never about that—it was about passing this feeling on to another. And I passed it on to you, my jewel-bright bird.

Protecting you didn't mean hiding the ugliness of the world from you. I wanted you to be strong in a way I never was, to meet your fate head-on with courage and confidence. I wanted—needed you to be ready.

So I stayed with you and taught you everything I'd learned. All my mistakes, my pain—it would help you grow. It was the most important thing I've ever done, and ever will do. You would save the world, the sylvari, the Dream—all of it.

But you were never just that to me. You weren't simply the dragon that would defeat Kralkatorrik. You were mine, and I was yours. You taught me how to love fully, without holding back. No matter how guarded I was around the others, you saw what no one else did: the warmth at my core.

I finally had a purpose.

I empathize now with the Pale Tree. She was a mother forced to send her children into the cold, unforgiving world, knowing the harm—even death—that would befall them.

But that mother must let her children fly, even fall—so they may learn. And you'd fallen before, only to get back up stronger and more certain. And I was always there to help you. I thought you were ready. I thought we would win together.

And now I've lost you. You were a part of me, and I of you. How does a heart beat when half of it is gone?

I wish I had done more to show you how much I loved you. How much you meant to me—to all of us.

I haven't heard from the commander in days. I wonder if our leader's heart has crumbled into dust, too. Now we have no plan. No ideas. Nothing left to do but mourn our lost hope—our lost child—and the terrible, beautiful world she tried to protect.

I hope I see you soon, little one, when the end comes.

We need to be with you for this, all of us. You brought so many people together, touched so many souls. We should face what comes together, one last time.

I can't do this alone—I need someone else to help me meet the end of all things, and the failure of all our plans and dreams. Someone who loves you like I do.

It's time I call the commander.

A Very Merry Wintersday

(Opakující se festival)

Svátky nejenom radosti, ale i obav a strachu boje mezi Dwaynou a Grenthem. Mezitím co si vychutnával komandér hry v Divinity's Reach přisla zpráva z místního sirotčince, že Grawnk ukradl a schoval sirotkům ozdoby a nechce odejít. Po vyjednání teplým jídlem a nalezení ozdob mohou konečně začít ty pravé Wintersday svátky.

Grawnk Wintersday

Winter Wonderland

Zimní výzva v podobě jumping puzzle.

Shadow of the Mad King 2018

(Opakující se festival)

Před 500 lety byl zavražděn Krytský král a tyran svým vlastním lidem, poté, co už lidé nedokázali déle trpět jeho krutovládu. Říká se, že tělo krále bylo rozsekáno na kousky a jeho duše byl poslána do Underworld, s podmínkou, že každý rok se může na jeden den vrátit do světa smrtelníků a to přesně na Halloween.

Halloween 2017 Halloween 2017

Mad King’s Clock Tower

Jumping puzzle inspirovaný pražským orlojem.

Mythwright Gambit

Scholar Glenna alerts the raiders to once-in-a-lifetime invitation from Zommoros to tour the fabled Mystic Forge. However the raiders soon find themselves caught in the middle of a wager made between Zommoros and the fire djinn, Qadim. Inundated by his gambling debts, Zommoros had bet the contents of his entire Mystic Forge against three challenges set by Qadim: a massive golem made from the piles of items in the Mystic Forge Acquisition Piles, a dreg shark set loose into Sorting and Appraisal, and twin largoses the fire djinn had trapped inside his menagerie, Nikare and Kenut. While the raiders managed to overcome all three challenges, they soon reveal Qadim's own gambit: the Mythwright Cauldron, a powerful artifact Zommoros had hidden under the Mystic Forge itself. After an intense battle against Qadim over the Cauldron, the raiders managed to finally the fire djinn. Unfortunately, the djinn's body had slipped off the edge, falling into the Cauldron. Qadim rose from the Mythwright Cauldron, infused with its powers, and fled.

A Star to Guide Us

With its former leader defeated, Elona has 4 major groups interested in driving the fate of Elona from here on out. At the Fortress of Jahai, a conference is held with the Sunspears, the Order of Shadows, the Mordant Crescent, and the Free Awakened (Awakened freed from Joko's control and leading their own path). Talks were going well until Aurene crashed the conference literally by falling asleep in the main hall. Taimi calls for the Commander, who is Aurene's champion, to come and comfort her enough to leave the conference. Braham leads the way south into the Jahai Bluffs through a secret passage. Once Aurene is escorted away, the conference is about to resume until Archon Iberu plots a double-cross, having various Mordant Crescent cut off the exits from the room. Luckily, Koss appears and defeats Iberu. Then another disturbance arrives: the Shatterer has come back, and is attacking all those nearby. The Commander helps escort the various delegations out, then goes through the Fortress to rescue as many Free Awakened as possible from being killed again or Branded. On the other side of the Fortress, the Shatterer flies through a giant rift, a tear in reality leading into the Mists. Kralkatorrik has moved into the Mists, and has even knocked down General Almorra's airship.

Scattered around the Jahai Bluffs, a number of disturbances has changed the landscape. There was a replica Tower of Orr, with an eternal battle between Orrians and Flame Legion soldiers; a large field straight out of the Maguuma Jungle, complete with chak; and a strange cave with otherworldly mushrooms, that give strange visions from those who breathe in the spores too deeply. These disturbances are related to Kralkatorrik's meddling, and linked to creatures like the Branded Riftstalker. A nearby village had been the victim of the Brand just moments after the conference was disrupted, but then Braham managed to find survivors of this event. They had managed to hide in a stable carved out of solid rock, thick enough to prevent the Brand from penetrating it. This causes Koss to remember about a location nearby that the Sunspears used to use that was also deep underground.

Koss and his distant descendant, Kossan, lead Braham and the Commander deep into the former Sunspear sanctuary. The bad news is that the place had been overtaken by spiders, but the good news is that they are not Branded, despite the base being squarely in the Brand. The central flame is lit, intending to bring light and safety back to the cave, but the sticky webs have prevented Kormir's fire from reaching the other sconces. The spiders and their broodmother are killed after a fierce battle, just as refugees start to file into the cave. However, a rift had just opened up outside of the newly redubbed Sun's Refuge, threatening all within. The Commander and Braham go off to fight off the Branded invaders, and are shortly aided by Eir Stegalkin, Braham's mother, and Snaff, former member of Destiny's Edge who died after Kralkatorrik's first flight. They had come bearing a message for Aurene: it is time for her to kill Kralkatorrik and take his place as an Elder Dragon. However, Aurene receives her own vision: multiple visions of various allies fighting with her against the Elder Dragon in various locations. And yet, they all end the same: with Aurene dying. Upset by this, the dragon flies off and out into the open skies.

Watching the allied dragon fly off worries many of the refugees, but Blish assures them all that he has a plan. He thinks that he could build a tracker that he could use to track Kralkatorrik's movements through the rifts, if only he had a huge magical item, like perhaps Balthazar's Sword. Various Priory members have already been searching for it and plotted a flight path for where it should have landed after the god's defeat. However, a sniper had beaten the Priory scouts in finding it and stole it away to a nearby fort. The Commander goes in to retrieve it, and finds that the sniper priestess seems very familiar, but could not remember from where. Eventually, the priestess accepts defeat and throws herself at the Commander's feet, prepared to be kill. The Commander, however, shows remarkable kindness and spares her, only looking to retrieve the sword. The priestess, Zafirah, is humbled by this gesture. However, Blish notes that the sword seems to be unpowered. Rytlock is asked to use Sohothin to reignite the sword, which acts as if it had a mind of its own. However, everything was now in place for a journey into the Mists, to feed Kralkatorrik the laced bait.

Within the Mists, a mighty battle rages on, as Glint helps lead soldiers against the Branded there. Blish sets to work on putting the tracking device on the sword, while the Commander protects him. After several minutes of work, though, Blish tells the Commander to leave, as he still needs to make some final adjustments. This, however, was a lie. Blish instead sacrificed his golem body to be the power source for the tracker. He says his goodbyes to the Commander, and asks that Dragon's Watch no longer kept any secrets from each other. He says this, because Taimi had neglected to tell that her condition has come back, affecting her worse than ever, and she has an expiry date coming up soon.

But in the final moments of grieving, who should appear but Caithe, having much to tell the Commander.

Storm Tracking

Taimi přiznává závažnost onemocnění.

Legacy 02

Vize Aurene o možné budoucnosti.

Legacy 01



Festival of the Four Winds 2018

(Opakující se festival)

Queen Jennah brought back The Crown Pavilion and Queen's Gauntlet with new dangers and fighters to challenge. The Labyrinthine Cliffs, along with its inhabitants the Zephyrites, are now again accessible, still recuperating and rebuilding from the loss of the Zephyr Sanctum, with the joint help from Captain Ellen Kiel and Captain Evon Gnashblade, and of course many traders and visitors from all over Central Tyria, Heart of Maguuma and Crystal Desert as well. The festivities are easily accessible with help from Lionguard Aircrews and their Hot Air Balloons in each major city.

Deepstone Fractal

Dessa gained access to a new fractal: the Deepstone Fractal.

The Fractal Explorers join a pair of tomb raiders, Kay and Torin, as they explore the lost treasure vault of the Deldrimor, Deepstone. However, as the party delved deeper into the vault, they've come to realize that the dwarven traps weren't designed to keep thieves out, but to keep something inside from leaving. The Explorers soon uncover the Light of Deldrimor by activating a crystal ward. The Light proved to not only be the key to disabling the rest of the dwarven wards, but also a powerful tool against the increasing numbers of shadow creatures harrying the party the deeper into the vault they went. At the very bottom of the vault, Torin's impatience leads him to be possessed by an ancient malignant entity, known as the Voice. Fending off the unnatural darkness with the Light of Deldrimor, the Fractal Explorers managed to defeat the entity, but only by killing Torin's body. The Fractal soon ends, leaving Kay grieving in the depths of Deepstone.

Long Live the Lich

Gorrik had done some experiments and learned that the Scarab Plague only affects humans. However, after he talks about his experiments in public, and injects himself with the pestilence to prove it, he got all his possessions confiscated and himself locked in quarantine. The Commander, at Taimi's urging, shows up to his trial and pleads on his behalf, getting him released. The Commander, Taimi and Gorrik head to the docks to retrieve all of Gorrik's gear, including Blish who had been deactivated. Near the gear, Lord Faren greets the Commander, saying how Logan, as the new Marshall of the Pact, is sending a boat full of supplies to Amnoon to help relief efforts in the city. However, Joko had already released the Plague on the boat. The Commander dispatches the Plague and its Awakened victims, only for Joko to mockingly invite the Commander to come to Gandara, the Moon Fortress for "part 2" of his production.

Taimi recommends going to the Tomb of the Primeval Kings to get advice from the old Kings, since they had lived through the Scarab Plague themselves. After learning that Joko finally had the genuine article in his possession and was ready to release it on the world, Nahlah and Dahlah agree to lend their ghost army to fighting against the tyrant. They also reveal that they can smell the death on the Commander, meaning that the Scarabs will not find a suitable host in one who was once dead. Taimi and Blish prepare a small portal outside the Primeval Tomb, using the tech taken from Rata Primus, but Blish's golem arm accidentally falls through the portal.

On the other side of the portal, the Commander used Blish's severed arm to cloak and sneakily clear out all the Awakened in the nearby town to turn it into a new base in Kourna. Scouting out further, the main threats seem to be from the south and west, so Canach joins the Commander and brings with him both portable explosives and seeds that will quickly grow to make a giant vine wall. Once the base is secured, the army is sent through the rift, one group at a time. The entire army consists of Primeval ghosts, Olmakhan charr, Amnoon volunteers, Sunspear warriors and sylvari Thorn-Wall Shapers, along with Blish, Gorrik, Taimi, Braham and the Commander.

There are various tasks in Kourna that need to be completed before the Commander can assault the Moon Fortress. The insect Gorrik had been growing under his skin grew into a fairly large roller beetle that could be used as a new type of mount. A village north of the base had scarab eggs growing over the crops, and needed to be burned to prevent it from spreading further; it seems a loyalist in the village was following Joko's orders to spread the Scarab Plague. A heket tribe - Elonian hylek - to the east of the camp offer to help if their hunters could be returned, so that they can continue to feed themselves. Far to the south, a corsair ship crashed on the shore, but they are still able to send supplies to the main camp via catapults, backed up by non-humans and ghosts. After all that, Lord Faren got some crucial information to the front lines, risking being infected and getting seriously injured in the process.

Canach went on ahead to blow up the guard towers by Gendara's main entrance, while the Commander and the troops push across the bridge. Canach places an explosive on the door while the rest of the troops fight Awakened assaulting them from behind. When the door is finally blown open, third-generation troops start filing out from the breech. The door breech is barred briefly while the ghosts get ready to fight against the horde. Meanwhile, Braham leaps down and finds another way into the fortress: an entryway through the sewers. Progressing on this route, there are various traps lining the path. Braham finds a corpse that looks exactly like the Commander, then a few more. A signet ring, however, reveals this to merely be an illusion. Pushing back up the path, the Commander has to leap through various traps until reaching the Contaminarium. Near the end, Beastmarshall Oluwa Eranko protects the last room, thanking the Commander for the great victory fighting at the Grand Bazaar against Balthazar, but since Joko wills her to kill the Commander, she must obey.

As the Beastmarshall falls, the Commander heads into the Contaminarium, but falls into a trap. Joko taunts the Commander for a while, but Braham pushes the Commander out, getting trapped instead. Joko continues to mock the Commander for needing a friend to sacrifice himself to go on before fighting the Commander. He even offers the compliment that the Commander is a worthy rival. After a long battle, including vanishing for a while, summoning various protectors, activating traps, and flooding the room with the plague, Joko finally falls. When he does, the Awakened nearby seem stunned, unable to act without Joko's constant commands. However, this excitement is a bit too early, as Joko rises from where he fell and traps both the Commander and Braham. He proceeds to monologue, mocking the Commander about how easy it was to claim credit for the other's victory, and how the world will celebrate after Joko finally ends the menace. However, at the climax of the speech, Aurene lunges upon Joko and proceeds to eat its body. Palawa Joko is finally defeated, releasing a surge of energy, but nearly every ally except Gorrik is repulsed by the scene; Gorrik is merely interested in the new plague specimens.

Be My Guest 02

Joko zajal komandéra.

Be My Guest 01

Útok na Jokovu pevnost.


Nakažená delegace.


Side Story: Reawakening Threat

With the destruction of Rata Primus' gate network, the Awakened invasions had slowed to a crawl. Surprisingly, however, they did not stop. Peacemaker Ninn requested further assistance from the Pact Commander in investigating the matter, suspecting that the destruction of the gate network has caused a malfunction, and suggested looking for Awakened in new locations. The Commander eventually found these Awakened on the isles of Southsun Cove. Upon investigating rumors and reports of locals in the area, the Commander eventually found device wreckage from Rata Primus and brought it to Ninn. After studying the debris for a day, Ninn compiled and filed a report on his findings.

Based on his research, Ninn concluded that there were a number of Awakened in transit when the gate network's entry point was destroyed. With no entry point or stable exit point, everything in transit was obliterated, however, a phenomena caused their remnants to be trapped within an interstitial state. This, in turn, is creating fractal-like copies of the Awakened that were in transit and killed, and will continue to repeatedly appear over the course of a few years until the anomaly fades.

Meanwhile, a travelling krewe of holo-news journalists have appeared in Southsun Cove, covering the Awakened invasions as well as asking a survey about people's favorite pet.

Super Adventure Festival

(Opakující se festival)

Moto, asurský genius, se objevil v Rata Sum, aby předvedl svůj nejnovější vynález: Super Adventure Box. Představuje ho jako zábavní vynález a ačkoli mu bylo nabídnuto několik nabídek od potencionálních investorů, všechny odmítl. Naštěstí, hrdinové jsou vítáni, aby tuto "hru" otestovali a zjistili, kdo se dokáže dostat přes všechny úrovně.

Super Adventure Festival 2016 Super Adventure Festival 2016

World 1 Zone 1

Vstup do první zóny.

Kettova laboratoř

Snaff byl asurský genius. Po jeho smrti se předává ocenění jeho jménem.

A Bug in the System

Kito posílá komandérovi dopis s novinkami a možným vodítkem. Taimi to vodítko potvrzuje a nachází v Inquest vědce, který by mohl vědět, po čem Joko pátrá. Komandér se vydává k Lifeblood Waterhole, aby se setkal s Kitem, Rox a Brahamem. Podle všeho tu byla za vodopádem skrytá základna Inquestu a komandér zastaví karavanu golema, který sbírá testovací subjekty, aby se dostal dovnitř a našel Blishe, se kterým se Taimi znala na škole. Rox a Braham předstírají, že jsou testovací subjekty a musí projít odvšivovacím a čistícím procesem, zatím co komandér se proplížil kolem dronů, aby nespustil alarm. Na konci laboratoře našel komandér obrovskou databázi svázanou s Asura Gate, ze které vyčetl, že se Blish nachází v Rata Primus. Portál se bohužel nemohl otevřít přímo do Rata Primus, ale pouze do blízké laboratoře.

Jakmile byly v laboratoři, komandér, Rox a Braham se přestali snažit o jakýkoliv nenápadný postup a začali systematicky prohledávat celý prostor, aby našli Gorrika, Blishova mladšího bratra, který poslal nouzovou zprávu, že Awakened útočí na Rata Primus. Po cestě narazí na charru, na níž Inquest dělal pokusy. Později se dozvěděli, že její jméno je Boticca a pochází z blízké vesnice. Její kmen se nazývá Olmakhan, je to skupina, která se oddělila chvíli potom, co Kalla vedla povstání proti Flame Legion. Olmakhani žili jinak, než charrové v Black Citadel, protože preferovali žít mírumilovně, vychovávali své děti v rodinách a ne ve fahrartech a specializují se na přírodní magii a pískové obrazce. Nedlouho po tom, co se Boticca vrátila do vesnice, začal na vesnici útočit Inquest. Komandér a Braham se soustředili na ochranu štěňat, která byla daleko od hlavní vesnice, a potom se přidali k boji v sídle starších. Masivní golem zabil starší Narn.

Po posouzení situace na Sandswept Isles se Komandér vydává na výzvědy okolo Rata Primus, zatímco Braham a Rox zůstali a chránili vesnici. Krátký rozhovor s Aurene nabídnul Komandérovi pohled na obří kostku ze vzduchu a také komunikačního talíře na ní. Panel v jedné z vedlejších laboratoří ukázal, nahrávku Gorrika informujícího o útoku Awakened a o tom, jak jsou teď oba uvězněni uvnitř. Komandér požádal Taimi, aby zavolala Sayidinu, aby přiletěla na pomoc se vzducholoděmi do útoku na krychli; Taimi by se k nim po cestě přidala. Některé okolní laboratoře však vytvářely ochranný štít a zabránily tomu, aby se Sayida blížila. Po sabotáži tří laboratoří bylo vše připraveno na vstup do Rata Primus.

Rox a vojáci Olmakhan vedli pozemní útok na Rata Primus pro odvedení pozornosti, zatímco komandér a Braham provedli útok ze Sayidiny vzducholodi. Boticca a čtyři další vyvolávači pomáhali vyvoláním bouře, která zneschopnila obranné věže. Laboratoř byla v totálním chaosu. Zbývali jen golemové a ti se na nic nezmohli. Po prozkoumání tří laboratoří a získání bezpečnostních kódů se komandér dozvěděl, že Gorrik s největší pravděpodobností sabotoval asurskou brána, která zpomalovala Jokův postup, a potom zabarikádoval se ve své laboratoři s Blishem. Dole už se mezitím rojili awakened a mezi nimi i příslušníci Inquestu, ze kterých se taky stali awakened. Když dorazili k Gorrikově laboratoři, jsou v bezpečí, i když se z jeho bratra stal golem. Velitel a Braham se rozhodli, že Taimi zatím neřeknou, a cítili, že je nejlepší, aby se dozvěděla pravdu osobně. Rozhovor netrvá dlouho, jelikož se Jokovi podařilo proniknout do vysoce zabezpečené laboratoře a ukrást veškerý výzkum, který zkoumal Scarab plague. Komandérovi se podařilo dohnat Joka. Joko poslal Lonai ať zabije komandéra, než budou mít možnost zasáhnout více. Během boje se asurská brána aktivuje a nasaje Lonaiho, Brahama a komandéra. Boj pokračuje, i když se postupně přesouvají mezi Divinity’s Reach, Mount Maelstrom, kde na ně útočí Great Destroyer a Frostgorge Sound, kde na ně útočí Jormag. Těsně předtím, než může zabít Lonai, portál je znova nasaje, aby je vyplivnul na pustou skálu uprostřed hvězdné oblohy, zdánlivě daleko od Tyrie. Tady je Lonai dobrovolně zabita v místě, kde ji Joko nemůže znovu oživit a komandér s Brahamem uvažují o životě na této podivné, neúrodné skále. Naštěstí Blish obnoví kontakt a je schopen vytáhnout oba zpět do Sandswept Isles.


Side Story: Awakening Threat

Po zničení asurských bran ve Fahranuru, Jokova invaze na centrální Tyrii pokračuje z druhé laboratoře Inquestu. Portály se otevírají v blízkosti velkých měst a Awakened procházející skrz. Zastaveny Komandérem a místními silami je invaze zatlačena zpět. Slavné osobnosti také pomáhali bránit domov, mimo jiné Sigfast, Skarti Knutsson, Kapitán Magnus the Bloody-Handed, Gear warband, Ridhais a Mechanik Ninn.

Upon the first invasions thwarted, Peacemaker Ninn requested the aid of the Pact Commander in creating a device to track the invasions. Utilizing a resonance tuner, an etheric tank, and a gate alchemeter, Ninn and the Commander created a Phasic Distortion Reader capable of predicting portal locations. The Commander kept the prototype, while Ninn sent the blueprints to the Peacemakers for mass production.

A Very Merry Wintersday

(Opakující se festival)

Svátky nejenom radosti, ale i obav a strachu boje mezi Dwaynou a Grenthem. Mezitím co si vychutnával komandér hry v Divinity's Reach přisla zpráva z místního sirotčince, že Grawnk ukradl a schoval sirotkům ozdoby a nechce odejít. Po vyjednání teplým jídlem a nalezení ozdob mohou konečně začít ty pravé Wintersday svátky.

Grawnk Wintersday

Winter Wonderland

Zimní výzva v podobě jumping puzzle.

Hall of Chains

Při vyšetřování smrtí uctívačů Grentha najde Scholar Glenna nově otevřený portál do Underworld u Reaper’s Gate. Když spolu se skupinou nájezdníků prošla skrz, objevila Ice Wastes obležené, nikým jiným, než Dhuumem samotným. Red lady, která svolala smrtelné kněze Grentha byla Desmina, která vedla obranu proti bývalému bohu smrti. Po cestě skupina potkává další těla knězů, kteří se dostali skrz portál, ale byli zabiti Dhuumovými vojáky.

Když potkají Desminu, je oddělena od svého těla, které bylo nyní kontrolováno Dhuumem, aby útočila na ty, které chránila. S pomocí nájezdníků se Desmině podařilo získat zpět své tělo. Následně odvedla skupinu do Hall of Judgment a nasměrovala je, aby zabili Dhuumovi nejsilnější jednotky, aby nabyli tři sochy Grentha. Jedním z hlavních nepřátel je King Frozenwind, další věrný následník Grentha, který byl přetvořen Dhuumovými silami. Se třemi sochami aktivovanými prorazí Desmina bariéru okolo Hall of Judgment a svolá Seven Reapers. Nájezdníci, Reapers a Desmina se poté pokusí provést starodávný rituál, aby znovu uvěznili Dhuuma, nicméně Desmina upravila rituál, aniž by o tom řekla Reaperům, obětuje je a nahradí je nájezdníky. Po dokončení upraveného rituálu si Desmina byla jistá, že je Dhuum uvězněn navždy a rozhodla se, že bude vládnout Underworldu a zůstane věrná Grenthovi.

Twilight Oasis Fractal

Dessa has unlocked a fractal focusing on Palawa Joko's conquering of the Elona region. You play from the perspective of the newly formed Mordant Crescent, with your character taking the form of an Elonian Human and former Sunspear. You participate in the assault of a village defended by Sunspears. The Sunspears here are led by Warden Amala. After an initial confrontation, Amala "kills" the party. The players are then revived as strengthened Awakened. The players hunt down the remaining sandbinders protecting the village's temple. The players and Joko's minions launch a joint assault on the Sunspears remaining in the temple. They succeed in defeating Amala. Joko tells Amala to join him. She refuses and he kills and Awakens her. Then he orders her to kill her former allies and the remaining survivors. The player can encounter her again in the standard timeline within the Living World Season 4 story-line and while attacking the Mordant Crescent Great Hall.


Komandér se potká s Taimi a Rytlockem na malém ranči nedaleko od Amnoonu. Po tom, co si komandér půjčil část Jokovi armády, se snaží držet dál od Elonských měst. Marjory a Kasmeer odešli sledovat Kralkatorrikovi pohyby, ale ten od bitvy s padlým bohem jen sedí na hraně útesu. Za chvíli je konverzace přerušena tím, že nad Amnoonem vypukne Brandstorm i přes absenci Kralkatorrika. Rytlock a komandér běží směrem k Amnoonu, aby pomohli obyvatelům. Naneštěstí na záchranu některých z nich bylo již pozdě, mimo jiné i Qaise. Potom co Brandstorm odezní, Aurene-nyní již dospívají drak- přistane a dá jim vizi o vzdáleném městě a obrovské armádě Awakened. Agent Kito tvrdí, že se jedná o Fahranhur, První město, které se nachází v Istanu. Komandér jde do doků, kde se nalodí na loď a dopluje s ní na jižní ostrovy.

Když komandér dorazí do Istanu, vydá se do Astralarium, kde hledá spojence z řad Sunspear. Astralarium je pomník vědění, kde jsou uloženy knihy o době před vládou Palawa Joko a jeho upravených dějin. Po tom, co komandér dokáže, že nenáleží k Jokovi, je puštěn do tajné základny, do které se dostane pomocí určité knihy, která otevře portál. Naneštěstí Sunspears nejsou schopni pomoci, protože jejich vůdce, Zaiem je na akci a snaží se osvobodit Champion’s Dawn od Awakened.

V Champion’s Dawn se komandér od dvou Knězů dozví, že Zaiem byl unesen piráty. Jedna z pirátských vůdců, Margrid the Sly, ztratila prastarou minci. Kdyby se jí navrátila, Sayid the Sly (potomek Margrid the Sly) by pravděpodobně pomohla komandérovi. Mince byla držena rebelským členem Awakened v jeskyni na jihu ostrova.

Komandér porazí Awakened Sunspear Champion, získává minci a vydává se do tábora pirátů, kde potká muže, který velitele dopravil do Istanu. Varuje ho na odměnu na velitelovu hlavu a vyjedná parlay s posádkou, což komandérovi umožní setkat se s kapitánem. Sayida chce prodat komandéra za odměnu vypsanou na jeho hlavu, ale rozmyslí si to po tom, co uvidí minci. Naneštěstí Sayida už vyměnila Zaiema za odměnu ani ne před hodinou, ale přijde s plánem, že prodá komandéra, ale ne před tím, než bude uvařen speciální grog, který je schopen uspat kohokoli, ten pak nalijí strážním. Ukáže se Agent Kito a slíbí, že zajistí pomoc. Komandér souhlasí s tím, že první platba bude odměna za komandérovu hlavu od Awakened a potom co bude plán dokončen, bude následovat mince.

U haly Mordant Crescent se čeká na agenta Kita, ten se však nikde neukáže a proto zahájí plán bez něho. V okamžiku, kdy je komandér obklíčen, zavolá Taimi a Warden srazí komandéra do bezvědomí a umístí ho do cely hned vedle Spearmarshala Zaiema. Když kolem projde stráž, komandér rozbije mříže a osvobodí Zaiema. Ti dva se proplíží kolem všech stráží, dokud nenarazí na tajnou knihovnu. Warden má komunikátor, ze kterého je Taimi neustále vystrašená z něčeho. S pomocí Sayidy a jejích mužů je Warden zabit a komandér zjišťuje, že Taimi byla unesena Jokem, který utekl z Underworld.

Rekruti Sunspears pomohou komandérovi a Zaiemovi utéct a vydají se do First City. Rytlock a Canach se za chvíli připojí. Prastaré město skrývá spoustu nástrah, od divoké zvěře přes Awakened až po Branded a také prastaré pasti. Po chvíli potkají několik těl Asuranů, všechny oblečené jako Inquest, což napovídá, že mohli mít laboratoř někde ve Fahranuru. Když se Canach snaží odpálit kostěnou zeď, mrtvoly povstanou ve formě Awakened. Po zdlouhavé bitvě, Canachova bomba vybouchne, tím ale spustí lavinu, naštěstí jsou ale ochráněni Brahamem, který se v poslední chvílí objeví. On a Rox vyšetřovali průchod nemrtvých Asurskými bránami, které se objevovali po celé Tyrii, aniž by měli nějakou pevnou bránu, na kterou by se napojili.

Spojeni se starými přáteli pokračují v cestě, kde narazí na místnost s bránami („rozcestník“), střeženou Asurskou zdí. Bezpečnostní záznam potvrzuje, že tu Taimi i Joko byli a že Taimi, pod hrozbou, že bude proměněna v Awakened, otevřela průchod skrz. Když vejdou, napadne je velká horda Awakened a pouze Braham a komandér se dostanou na ústřední platformu, kde je Taimi uvězněna ve svém golemovi. Awakened Inquest oznámí komandérovi, že mu Joko vyhlašuje válku. V tu chvíli se začne vypouštět vzduch z kokpitu Taiminina golema a ten na komandéra a Brahama začne útočit. Komandér spolu s Brahamem Taimi zachrání a zničí všechny brány vedoucí z místnosti, ale Jokova hrozba nad nimi visí jako stín.


Living World Season 4 - Teaser Trailer

Shadow of the Mad King 2017

Předehra: Stín Šíleného krále

Během návratu Mad King Thorna po smrti Balthazara, se stali dvě podivné věci, Awakened byli viděni v malých skupinkách na pobřeží Sea of Sorrows a Mire Sea. Podle Brigadier Generala Kernela byly tyto jednotky poslány najít někoho, kdo způsobil rozruch v Eloně, ale Kernel také poznamenal, že Joko odmítal poslat masu vojáků v takovém útoku.

S koncem Mad King’s Day, podivní kostlivci byli viděni blízko vchodů do Underworldu a nejrůznější kněží Grentha měli vize červené dámy volající je k těmto místům. Tito kněží byli nalezeni mrtví, zabiti nekromatickými silami a sekerami.

Prelude: Shadow of the Mad King

(Opakující se festival)

Před 500 lety byl zavražděn Krytský král a tyran svým vlastním lidem, poté, co už lidé nedokázali déle trpět jeho krutovládu. Říká se, že tělo krále bylo rozsekáno na kousky a jeho duše byl poslána do Underworld, s podmínkou, že každý rok se může na jeden den vrátit do světa smrtelníků a to přesně na Halloween.

Halloween 2017 Halloween 2017

Mad King’s Clock Tower

Jumping puzzle inspirovaný pražským orlojem.


Season 4 - Prolog

Obsah +/-

Dragon's Watch

Guilda založená Komandérem po pohřbu Eir, obsahující přátele, kteří pomohli zabít Mordremotha a Scarlet.

Aurene - Glintin druhý potomek, odletěla pryč po tom, co pomohla Komandérovi zabít Balthazara.

Kasmeer Meade - Lidská šlechtična a mesmerka, která pomohla zastavit Balthazara, Mordremotha a Scarlet. Během oslavy Balthazarovi porážky se opět shledala se svou milenkou Marjory.

Marjory Delaqua - Canthská nekromancerka. Byla těžce zraněna, potom co se Balthazar přestal vydávat za Lazaruse, ale zotavila se a vydala se do Amnoonu po porážce Balthazara.

Rox - Charrská rangerka, která byla s Brahamem na severu, aby bojovali s Jormagem. She is a gladium, as her former warband was killed in a mining accident.

Rytlock Brimstone - Bývalý člen Destiny’s Edge, doprovázel Komandéra, aby pomohl zabít Balthazara v Crystal Desert a Eloně.

Taimi - Asura, která opravila svého věrného golema Scruffyho, aby jí pomohl s pohybem, i přes to že měl pár much. Byla učednicí Zojji, ale nyní pracuje samostatně, protože Zojja se stále zotavuje. Dala Komandérovi na batoh komunikátor, takže mohou být stále v kontaktu.

Hlavní padouši

Kralkatorrik - The Elder Crystal Dragon, who has become far more powerful after he consumed the magic from Balthazar's death; he's flown throughout Kourna, continuing the Dragonbrand and spreading his influence as far as Amnoon and Istan.

Palawa Joko - The Scourge of Vabbi (pohroma Vabbi), věčný král, který zabral území na jih od The Desolation po událostech Nightfallu, naposledy byl viděn v The Domain of Lost, kde ho uvěznil Balthazar.

Ostatní postavy

Blish - An asura of the Inquest, brother of Gorrik and old friend of Taimi, who knows something of Joko's plans.

Braham Eirsson - Syn Eir Stegalkin, založil vlastní guildu, která bojuje proti Jormagovi a jmenuje se: „Destiny’s Edge“. He's always ready to argue with the Commander.

Canach - A former sylvari criminal who was vacationing in Amnoon after being released from a long-term imprisonment and later serving under Lady Anise. He had been hanging out in the Amnoon casino, and had placed a rather large wager on the Commander defeating Kralkatorrik.

Gorrik - An asura of the Inquest, brother of Blish and old friend of Taimi, who knows something of Joko's plans.

Shadows Agent Kito - Člen Order of Shadows, sesterské organici Order of Whispers. On a Order of Shadows pomáhají Komandérovi v boji proti Balthazarovi a Jokovi.

Sayida the Sly - A corsair pirate, captain of The Sly Crew, and descendant of Margrid the Sly. She's always after a way to make her legend and family name greater.

Caithe - A mysterious Sylvari with a message.

Energie uvolněná zabitím Balhazara byla absorbována Kralkatorrikem a Aurene. Komandér a jeho spojenci se musí vypořádat s mocí nabytým Elder Dragonem ohrožujícím Elonu, která zůstává pod nadvládou armády Palawa Joko.


Path of Fire

Vydání +/- Obsah +/-
Path of Fire: Act 3

The Commander means to meet up with their guild on a plateau atop the Pillars of Supremacy. However, they don’t find their guild or the airship but instead, they find Balthazar. After a brief battle where the Commander is overpowered, Aurene arrives to try and defend the Commander but she too is overpowered by Balthazar. The last thing the Commander sees is Aurene in Balthazar’s chains before Balthazar finishes them off.

The Commander wakes up in a strange, dark landscape with no sense of where they are or even who they are. Nearby they find a figure behind bars who identifies himself as Palawa Joko and says that they are in the Domain of the Lost – he also informs the character that they have died. He came with Balthazar who then imprisoned him in the realm. After listening to Joko’s ramblings, a fellow spirit, Nenah, will introduce you to the master of the realm, a servant of Grenth by the name of the Judge. He will send the Commander on a quest to reclaim both their name and purpose so that he may determine their final fate.

After defeating all of the other spirits who claimed their name, the Commander follows a bird which guides them on a journey of visions of their past. Beginning with their first combat encounter it follows their encounters with various forces of Zhaitan on to the dragon itself, Scarlet’s War and her attack on Lion’s Arch, the events of Mordremoth rising and his decimation of the pact fleet, Mordremoth’s death, Aurene’s birth, and ending with the discovery of Balthazar causing the Commander to regain their memories.

The Commander returns to the Judge intent on convincing him to return them to the world of the living. The Judge does not have the power to return their spirit to their lifeless body but muses that you may be able to get the necessary energy by killing the Eater of Souls, a beast that has been preying on spirits since Balthazar left. The risk of losing that battle was that their spirit would simply cease to exist, but the Commander luckily defeats the beast. This opened a portal back to Tyria, but not before Joko tries to convince the Commander that they need him to defeat Balthazar. They tell Joko that they may need his army, but not him, and leave through the portal.

Back on the plateau where they died, the Commander awakes to members of their guild and the Phoenix Dawn's crew surrounding them. After convincing everyone that they were, in fact, alive, the Commander reveals their plan to disguise themselves in order to acquire an army big enough to rescue Aurene from Balthazar.

The Commander then visits Shadows Agent Kito to begin acting on their plan to disguise themselves as Archon Iberu to command Joko's warmarshals and armies. Based on Kito's intel, the best way to lure Iberu out of the Bone Palace would be to create the illusion of a Sunspear uprising by showing Sunspear propaganda in the villages and signs of Sunspear victories in Awakened camps south of The Bone Wall. The Commander replaces Joko portraits atop buildings in the Village of Purity with Sunspear propoganda, and clears out the nearby Awakened camps on the way to the Bone Palace posting Sunspear banners as they go. After placing many signs of an imminent Sunspear revolution, the Commander goes to the Bone Palace to wait for Iberu to show himself.

Near the entrance to the Bone Palace, the Commander meets up with Canach, Rytlock, and Kasmeer. Archon Iberu has been sighted en route to the palace to meet with Grand Vizier Utumishi, and the small team take Iberu out so that they can take his place. Kasmeer casts an illusion on the Commander to make them look like Archon Iberu, and the rest of the team to look like lesser Awakened. They enter the Palace without being exposed as impostors.

In the main hall of the Bone Palace, the Commander (disguised as Iberu) speaks with Utumishi and Wurmmarshal Osa Ekolo. The Commander instructs them to prepare for war against Balthazar. Utumishi is surprised to be ordered to prepare for war even though he is only in charge of civil affairs, and is initially doubtful of the return of Joko. However, Ekolo immediately pledges her loyalty and her troops to the cause. She also reveals the location of the other warmarashals, Troopmarshal Ogun in Vehjin, and Beastmarshal Eranko near the Necropolis. The Commander and Kas, Canach, and Rytlock successfully leave the palace without being revealed. After discussing the previous conversation, they decide to gather information on Ogun and meet up in Vehjin.

At Vehjin, Kasmeer disguises the group once more. Ogun informs the Commander that while he would lend his army, he can't due to a nearby Forged foundry with a portal that delivers reinforcements. Ogun also can't assault the foundry with his training recruits. The Commander offers to take some recruits and proceeds to destroy the portal, ordering Ogun to bring his troops to the Kodash Bazaar.

Afterwards, the group travels to meet Eranko. When the Commander arrives, Rytlock and Canach (disguised) are already speaking with the Beastmarshal, praising the Commander's riding capabilities. Eranko is intrigued, and introduces them to necromantic draining to speed up their mount. However, the Beastmarshal refuses to let her troops be led by someone she considers inept. In order to win her trust, the Commander must complete a race using the new skill.

With all three warmarshals pledging their troops, Dragon's Watch gathers at the Kodash Bazaar to prepare for the final fight. Rytlock gives the Commander Sohothin, claiming that Balthazar will only focus them and won't expect them to have it, giving the Commander the best chance to kill the god. The guild then splits up to defend the Bazaar. The Commander fights against waves of Forged until Balthazar's Warbeast, carrying Aurene, forces its way in. As the Commander follows the Warbeast, Taimi attempts to contact them, but cannot be understood. At the top of King Joko's Sky Garden, the Warbeast begins to attract Kralkatorrik. Once the Commander arrives, they destroy the Warbeast, freeing Aurene from it. Together, Aurene and the Commander kill Balthazar. The death of the god causes a massive release of energy, most of which is absorbed by Kralkatorrik, but Aurene receives some as well. Aurene then flies off, with Kralkatorrik following. After the fight, the rest of the guild arrives, and agrees to discuss everything back in Amnoon.

In Amnoon, the Commander meets Taim and informs her of Kralkatorrik's empowered state. A messenger arrives to announce a celebration in honor of the Commander, and along the way they meet Utumishi. They discreetly reveal that they were impersonating Iberu, and Utumishi hurries away. At the party, the Commander is asked for a speech. Afterwards, the group meet up at the docks to discuss what to do. The Commander proposes reforming Dragon's Watch, and Marjory Delaqua reappears. Kasmeer and Marjory apologize to each other before the ground shakes. A cutscene shows Kralkatorrik flying over the Crystal Desert, Branding everything underneath. Path of Fire ends with a shot of an adolescent Aurene roaring out.

Small Victory - Malé vítězství

Oslava poražení Balthazara sebou přináší temný stín budoucnosti.

To Kill a God - Poražení Balthazara

Velitel osvobodil Aurene a porazil Balthazara.

The Departing - Návrat velitele

Velitel se vrací mezi živé z Domain of the Lost.

The Departing - Střet s Balthazarem

Balthazar při odchodu z Crystal Desert přepadl velitele.

Path of Fire: Act 2

Having acquired the springer, the Commander easily met up with their companions. Rytlock and Kasmeer noted that they didn't know where the entrance to Glint's lair was, as there's no actual entrance to be found. The team moved forward and encountered a Forged camp. After dispatching the Forged, they examined the area and noted that the Forged weren't just a hunting party. Carts of Branded crystals were found, along with a large cannon that seemed to be powered by those crystals, and parts of a large mechanical armored machine were laying around the camp. Combined with large tracks nearby, the team determined that the Forged must be building some sort of heavy war machine.

The team moved on and were ambushed by Branded. After defeating them, they noticed some crystalline essences nearby. Gathering the essences allowed a memory crystal to form, which Rytlock confirmed as memory of Glint, and listened as it spoke about Destiny's Edge and the need for the races to work together. The team fanned out around a caldera and searched for more memory crystals, encountering more Branded along the way. Three memory crystals were found, where Glint spoke of her freedom at the hands of the Forgotten, her turmoil over the suffering of Tyria's people from the Elder Dragons, and her own burden and the future burden of Vlast. After the third memory crystal was restored, a portal to Glint's lair appeared in the center of the caldera.

Upon entering the lair, Kasmeer remarked that it was where they had gone before, but the Brand had infested it. Rytlock noticed the Dragonsblood Spear, the weapon he had used in the failed attempt to kill Kralkatorrik. Soon after arriving, though, they faced a Facet Guardian that had been corrupted by the Brand, and destroyed it. Doing so revealed a final intact memory crystal of the moments prior to Kralkatorrik's awakening. Glint spoke of how she could not see beyond the upcoming battle where she had ultimately died, and that while the Forgotten told her much they did not tell her everything, hinting that perhaps the gods knew more than her. She also spoke of how she could only hope that her children could carry on her legacy. After some deliberation about whether Glint knew about the consequences of killing Elder Dragons, the team decided to destroy the dragonsblood spear to keep Balthazar from using it, a plan that Rytlock disagreed with as it left them with no method of killing Kralkatorrik themselves in the future.

After destroying the spear, the Commander spoke to a mourning Rytlock near Snaff's old golem. He told the Commander how he had met Glint in the Mists, where she taught him the abilities of the revenant, and that he had failed his guild and Glint. Kralkatorrik was still alive while Glint, Snaff, and Eir were all dead. He reiterated that he had to make things right. The team discussed their position and noted that despite stifling the god of war's plans, they were no closer to being able to take him down. Kasmeer noted that they needed guidance and made the argument that they should go to the Mists to ask the gods themselves. Despite Rytlock's reservations about returning to the Mists, the Commander agreed, and they began to head towards the Tomb of Primeval Kings, where a portal to the Mists was located.

At the tomb, the team deliberated their plan. On Kasmeer's insistence that they hope to find answers inside, Rytlock reiterated the idea that her answer is the human gods abandoned Tyria, which Kasmeer refused to accept. On approaching the entrance, they were met by Queen Nadijeh, the Primeval ruler who founded the Order of the Sunspears. Believing them to be more thieves, she fought Dragon's Watch and was ultimately defeated and let them pass. Inside, the team encountered King Wasi, a ruler who rallied the people during war. The team defeated him and gained entrance to the inner tomb, where they met the twin rulers Queen Nahlah and Queen Dahlah, the last of the Primeval dynasty.

Despite Kasmeer's insistence, the twins accused Dragon's Watch of being agents of Joko, and also revealed that Joko may be claiming the Primeval dynasty continued beyond the twins' death. They attacked the team, switching off and then attacking together. When defeated, Queen Nadijeh and King Wasi appeared to confront the team. King Wasi was unconvinced that Dragon's Watch were working with Joko, and asked the other rulers to consider that the Commander's team were not raiders. Queen Nadijeh asked them to demonstrate the proper respect for the tomb and the spirits within. the Commander did so, and promised to honor the memory of the Primeval dynasty, to prove they had no harmful intentions. Queen Nadijeh relented at this show of respect, and the team were allowed to pass through the portal to the Mists.

Upon entering the portal the team found themselves separated from each other, at a strange and desolate landscape. After searching the area, the Commander was able to reunite with the others and discovered a mysterious puzzle that had been hidden by a sandstorm. After completing the puzzle, apparently set as a challenge by the gods, a portal opened up. As the team entered the portal, they found themselves in a library unlike any other already seen where Kormir, the Goddess of Truth, was the only deity to be found.

At an audience in her sanctum, Kormir told the team that the gods had left Tyria completely to avoid a cataclysmic battle with the Elder Dragons. According Kormir, Balthazar refused to accept this decision and threatened the other gods if they went through with their plan. His reaction resulted on the rest of the Six stripping Balthazar of his power and chaining him in the Mists, where he remained until Rytlock unwittingly released him. Once freed, Balthazar set out to recover his lost power, defeat the Elder Dragons, and claim their magic for himself in order to take vengeance on the other gods for imprisoning him. Kormir then concluded by saying the other gods were long gone, and she was about to follow them, so they could not and would not help the team against Balthazar.

Kasmeer felt devastated by the news but she ultimately accepted that the time for prayers is past. The team learned that its their responsibility to defend the world now. Before leaving, Kormir provided the team with a single bit of guidance in the fight against Balthazar: to seek answers in the desert. With such bit of guidance, the team decided to split up and search: Kasmeer went north, Canach and Rytlock went ask Canach's contacts in the Order of Shadows, and the Commander headed south to scour the Riverlands.

After a long walk, the Commander found a promising lead on the answers: Kesho, a city built by the Forgotten. The city had been swallowed by the desert sands long ago, being considered a lost city by the locals, but the Commander was able to nail down its location in the middle of the deadly sulfurous wastelands. Upon entering the lost city, the Commander encountered a traumatized Exalted named Sadizi, as well as a host of dangerous Forged-Exalted hybrids. Sadizi told then these hybrids were created by Balthazar and Palawa Joko, the two villains together stole the Forgotten ritual that makes Exalted and used it as a means of forcing spirits into armored bodies to create Balthazar's Forged.

The Commander then learned more about the true purpose of Glint's legacy: to preserve Tyria's magical balance by replacing Elder Dragons with equally powerful but less predatory entities. The Commander also discovered why Balthazar was hunting Vlast: Kralkatorrik's blood is its unique weakness, meaning Vlast, Glint, the Dragonsblood Spear and Aurene were all viable weapons against Kralkatorrik. With this information, The Commander sent word to the guildmates and told them to meet up so they could return to Maguuma and protect the Crystal Dragon's last scion.

The Way Forward - Glintin odkaz

Odhalení skutečné podstaty Glintiniho odkazu.

Path of Fire: Act 1

The Commander joined First Mate Fidus Foecrush at the airship and traveled with them to Elona across the ocean. While approaching the main city, the team made a stop to investigate smoke rising from a nearby pyramid. The Commander accompanied the team inside the pyramid where they discovered Forged attacking villagers. Once the Forged were defeated, Balthazar's Herald arrived. She welcomed the Commander and presented an offer. Balthazar would forgive the Commander for interfering with Jormag and Primordus, if they instead join him to kill Kralkatorrik. The Commander rebuffed Balthazar's offer, calling him a liar. Angered, the Herald killed all the remaining villagers, saying that each death only strengthens Balthazar's army. Once all the villagers were dead she left and the Commander chased after her, ordering the rest of the team to remain behind and protect survivors sent their way.

The Commander confronted the Herald near Seeker's Village. She taunted the Commander, revealing that the choice to be the Herald was forced upon her. She then continued to the village where the Forged had set fire to the buildings. After defeating the Forged, the Herald left through the nearby mines and closed the gate behind her. The villagers, led by Tasa and Aksim, asked for help to save the remaining villagers and stop their homes from being destroyed by the fire. Aided by the raptors in the village, the Commander rescued the villagers, who gave them one of their raptors. The gate was fixed and the Commander pursued the Herald while learning to handle the raptor. The Herald had disappeared though, and the Commander was instead directed by the miners in Talatat Quarry to the Free City of Amnoon, where refugees were fleeing.

When the Commander arrived at the gates of Amnoon, Captain Rahim stopped and spoke with them until Lady Kasmeer Meade and Rytlock arrived. As part of the human delegation, Kasmeer vouched for the Commander and confirmed access to Amnoon. Rytlock continued to avoid questions about what happened in the Mists, but had given a report to the citadel, and Kasmeer expressed her fear about confronting one of the gods she had grown up worshipping. After catching up with them, the Commander entered Amnoon and headed to the Amnoon Cavalier Station to speak again with Rahim.

Captain Rahim recognized that the Commander was there for Balthazar, and gave three leads to investigate for information: the Chief Councilor for information on the area, Deputy Ayoub at a refugee camp for help with information from the refugees, and Deputy Qais at the casino who might have leads into the local smugglers known as the Hamaseen.

The Commander sought out Deputy Qais who pointed them towards Zalambur for information regarding the Hamaseen. In Zalambur's Office, located in his casino, Zalambur revealed he knew who the Commander was, but before they could discuss more they were interrupted by the arrival of Archon Iberu of the Mordant Crescent. Iberu had heard Zalambur had been speaking against Joko, and as punishment (or intimidation), killed his security guard before commanding his Awakened to destroy the casino. Then Commander intervened and fought off the Awakened as Iberu left. Zalambur lamented that the Mordant Crescent now opposed him, and promised to provide any information he could to the Commander for the help.

When the Commander arrived at Chief Councilor Imann's office, it was learned that the city was surrounded by Balthazar's Forged troops nearby. The city considering allying themselves with others for aid, but were at an impasse on which they should choose. Representatives from the Mordant Crescent, corrupted former members of the Sunspears, had arrived offering aid, but it would require allying themselves with Palawa Joko, a powerful undead Lich. Another option was allying with Kormir's priesthood and the remaining Sunspears, ancient guardians of Elona who may bring hope to the citizens, but doing so would incur Joko's wrath. A final option was to remain independent as before, and step up recruitment of cavaliers to protect Amnoon. The councilors were deadlocked, each preferring a different option, so the Chief Councilor asked the Commander to provide counsel on which would be best.

With Rytlock preferring independence and Kasmeer preferring the Sunspears, the Commander discussed the options with the councilors. Afterwards, the Commander put their weight behind one of the options, which swayed the Chief Councilor to choose it over the others. Kasmeer pulled the Commander aside and spoke to them about why she supported Kormir and how Balthazar's goals may be noble even if his path was not.

Outside the city, the Commander found Deputy Ayoub in the refugee camp. Realizing that the refugees would be more willing to talk if they weren't hungry and scared, the Commander helped distribute food, water, and medicine to those who needed it, and drove off Zaishen and pests in the tents. The refugees were more talkative after, and the Commander listened to their stories. They had fled their homes, and many barely escaped being slaughtered by Forged as others died around them. One refugee informed the Commander that a dragon named Vlast had swooped in and saved them. Vlast was revealed to be the first scion of Glint, and brother of Aurene.

After gathering all of this information, the Commander found a suitably high location and reached out to Taimi. She was excited to learn the news of Vlast, and informed the Commander that she was downloading all the dragon lab info into Scruffy so she can leave. A letter was received from Zalambur informing the Commander that he had some information. The Commander, joined by Kasmeer and Rytlock, and discovered Canach in the casino who joined up with them. Zalambur informed the Commander that Balthazar was not chasing Kralkatorrik, but instead was hunting down Vlast for unknown reasons. Balthazar also made appearances at the Forged camps to rally his troops. The Commander determined that might be where they could catch Balthazar, and made plans with the guild to visit one of them. Canach and Rytlock volunteered to scout the main camp, while Kasmeer left to attend to something, leaving the Commander on their own.

The Commander returned to Captain Rahim who identified two small camps outside the city walls, to the north and to the east. The Commander traveled to each camp. In the northern camp, the Commander sabotaged Forged cannon emplacements, while in the eastern camp they instead gathered intelligence. They was learned that the Forged wear armor built to withstand fire, had built equipment to fit a large machine, and were collecting Brand shards for some unknown purpose. Having put a dent in the Forged forces, but not finding any info on Balthazar, the Commander headed to the Forged Foothold to meet with Rytlock and Canach.

Upon arriving, the three began their assault on the camp. The team had to contend with several Forged, and quickly defeat sentries to keep their approach undetected, while they made their way through the camp. Along the way, the Commander discovered strange scrolls from the Herald to the Forged soldiers. As they approached the inner gates, the team ran into Forged Officers. The Commander decided that if Balthazar wasn't there they should send a message by defeating all of the officers in that camp, a sentiment that Canach and Rytlock approved of doing. The team broke into the central area and defeated the officers and several Forged, before being confronted by a powerful Forged Bastion. Fighting through the reinforcements summoned by the powerful artillery unit, the team defeated the Bastion and moved on to the Temple of Kormir to meet up with Kasmeer.

When the team reached the Temple, they found Kasmeer there praying to Kormir for guidance. The temple held many refugees hiding from the conflicts. Kasmeer began to speak with the Commander on the events at the Forged camp when they were interrupted by a strange robed man who knew of the Commander and the search for Vlast. Speaking in private, the man introduced himself as Kito of the Order of Shadows, a group that splintered off from the Order of Whispers long ago. Before they could speak further, however, they were interrupted by the Herald of Balthazar who arrived to respond to the Commander's attack on the camp. After fighting for a short time, the Herald began attacking the refugees hiding in the temple. The Commander, remembering how the Herald had done the same on their first meeting, helped bring the refugees out of the line of fire and to safety. As the Herald came close to being defeated, she set fire to the temple and escaped. On Kasmeer's plea, the Commander broke off their chase and helped the priests to stop the blaze. Afterward, Kasmeer voiced her incredulity at the Herald's power and willingness to hurt innocents. Kito informed the Commander that the Order wants to work with them as they have similar goals, and to meet up at Makali Outpost to begin tracking the Herald.

The Commander headed north to the outpost, but found it under attack by Forged. Kito was focusing on getting the residents to safety, and informed Dragon's Watch that Balthazar was supposed to be in the area. The Commander led their team outside of the outpost and into the battlefield to fight the Forged and find Balthazar or Vlast or both. The guild discovered several spots of golden, Brand-like spikes and craters, which they determined was from Vlast as they looked like the Brand but was not corrupted. As they headed towards a plateau, Vlast's roar could be heard, and the team ascended to the top to find Balthazar and his Herald cornering Vlast. The Herald confronted the Commander, once again asking if they will accept Balthazar's offer before attacking again. During the fight, the Herald revealed that she had once resisted Balthazar's control but failed due to the pain. The Commander won the fight, but the Herald seemed to come to her senses at the end and before she died she pleaded with the Commander to kill her god.

On top of the plateau the Commander confronted Balthazar, who had captured and restrained Vlast, telling him continuing would force them to treat the god of war as the enemy. Balthazar dismissed them, but called Rytlock friend and said that he alone would be spared, confusing the Commander. The battle was short, but before Balthazar could strike down the Commander, Vlast somehow broke free and blocked the attack, killing him. As Balthazar retrieved his sword, Vlast turned to crystal and exploded.

Dragon's Watch awoke surrounded by the crystalline remains of Vlast, with Balthazar nowhere to be found. The Commander confronted Rytlock about being called "friend". Rytlock believed he had met Balthazar before, while he was searching for Sohothin in the Mists. Rytlock had finally located the sword, but the flames had gone out. He had found an old man chained nearby, who said he could reignite the flames. Rytlock had not asked his name, only asked to light the sword. In thanks, Rytlock broke the chains on the old man with the newly empowered weapon. A portal opened, which the old man informed Rytlock was a passage home. Rytlock believed the old man had followed him out, and now knows that the old man he freed from the chains was Balthazar. He promised the Commander he would make things right.

The Commander informed Canach and Kasmeer about Vlast's sacrifice, and how Balthazar seemed to have disappeared with no knowledge of his plans nor why he wanted Vlast in the first place. Kasmeer noticed a nearby crystal looked very similar to the old memory crystals they found within Glint's lair. As the Commander approached, they heard Vlast's voice speaking about his power and some weapon in a secret location. Rytlock and Kasmeer guessed that the weapon's location is Glint's lair, which should be nearby if they can get in. The Commander decided to check in with Taimi and see if they could collect more of Vlast's memory crystals while the rest of Dragon's Watch traveled to Glint's lair and performed recon.

The Commander learned from Taimi that Aurene was acting angry and troubled after Vlast's sacrifice, and Taimi promised to see if she could help calm Aurene down. The Commander traveled around the Desert Highlands collecting more of Vlast's memory crystals, but found that some were too high to reach. On a suggestion, the Commander traveled to Highjump Ranch and acquired a springer, allowing them to reach the remaining crystals. Vlast's memories spoke more about the weapon, of his longing to meet his sister, the struggles of following his mother's legacy, his fear of what would happen should Balthazar kill Kralkatorrik, and his hopes that his sister would find her path a better one than his. The task complete, the Commander headed to Prophet's Fall to meet the rest of their guild.

The Sacrifice - Mists

Rytlock vypraví o své cestě do Mists, kde potkává Balthazara.

The Sacrifice - Obětování

Vlast se obětoval pro záchranu velitele.

Sparking the Flame (Prologue)

Following the realization that Balthazar has moved to the Crystal Desert, the conflicts there cause refugees to flee to Lion's Arch. Queen Jennah dispatched a delegation to Elona to help out. Captain Kiel reaches out to the Commander, intent on sending Dragon's Watch along with aid to Elona. When the Commander arrives alone, Kiel admits her doubts about sending one person against a god of war, but grants them passage to Elona on her airship, the Phoenix Dawn. While speaking with Deputy Turma nearby, the Commander learned that Kiel and Magnus were not working with the full council on the aid to Elona.

Sparking the Flame - Odlet

Odlet do Crystal Desert.


Path of Fire - Prolog

Obsah +/-
Dragon's Watch

Dragon's Watch

Aurene — The second scion of Glint who has chosen the Pact Commander as her champion. She resides in the safety of Tarir, the Forgotten City under the care of the Exalted and is an integral part of a plan known as Glint's Legacy to ensure a brighter future for Tyria.

Canach — A prickly Secondborn sylvari who finally has a chance to enjoy his freedom after having served his sentence under Countess Anise. He finds himself drawn to the conflicts in the Crystal Desert and lends a hand to the Commander once more.

Lady Kasmeer Meade — Having regained her status as a noble, she acts as an envoy of Divinity's Reach. Her relationship with Marjory Delaqua has been troubled lately, and the treacherous actions of one of the Six whom she has worshipped have not made things any easier for her. She intends to find answers to Balthazar's rampage while coming to terms with her crisis of faith.

Rytlock Brimstone — Tribune of the Blood Legion, he continues to be reluctant to divulge information about what has been going on with him lately. He travels to the Crystal Desert to fight Balthazar while coming to terms with the fact that by doing so he will have to protect Kralkatorrik, the very Elder Dragon whose actions cost the lives of two of his friends and led to the disbanding of Destiny's Edge many years prior.

Taimi — An asuran progeny working with the Commander. She remains in her research lab in Rata Novus and aids the commander via long-distance communicator at signal spots throughout the desert.

Main villains

Awakened and the Mordant Crescent

Archon Iberu — A high ranking member of the Mordant Crescent, he works to maintain and extend Joko's influence throughout the region.

Beastmarshal Oluwa Eranko — One of the Awakened generals in Palawa Joko's army. She is the commander of Elona's Awakened mounted units which utilize raptors.

Grand Vizier Utumishi — The highest ranked human of King Palawa Joko I's empire, he has domain over non-military matters of the empire and works out of the Bone Palace.

Palawa Joko — A powerful undead lich who has conquered Elona and rules over it with an iron grip. Master of the Awakened and the Mordant Crescent, he will stop at nothing to hunt down all remaining Sunspears who had once defied him so none can challenge him again. However, rumors have spread that Joko has disappeared shortly after Balthazar's arrival in the desert.

Troopmarshal Olori Ogun — One of the Awakened generals in Palawa Joko's army. He is the commander of the Awakened infantry regiment.

Wurmmarshal Osa Ekolo — One of the Awakened generals in Palawa Joko's army. She trains Junundu wurms and leads them into battles.


Josso Essher — One of the leaders of the Forgotten in service to Glint. He led an assault on the Elder Crystal Dragon in hopes of cleansing it, but he and his forces were corrupted in turn. Now he stands vigil over Augury Rock.

Kralkatorrik — The Elder Dragon with dominion over crystal. After slaying the benevolent dragon prophet Glint and the asuran genius Snaff in a battle against Destiny's Edge many years prior, he has marked many territories in the Crystal Desert as his own and grown an army of Branded minions to enact his will. Just before the events of Path of Fire, he has been empowered by the deaths of the Elder Dragons Zhaitan and Mordremoth and flown further south to the Domain of Vabbi.


Balthazar — One of the Six Human Gods, he has gone rogue and intends to grow in power to have his revenge on the ones who have "dimmed his light" no matter the cost to the world of Tyria. He has set his eyes on the magic of the Elder Dragons, the closest and most viable target currently being Kralkatorrik. His forces consist of both his fanatical followers such as the Zaishen Order as well as the Forged, an army of constructed minions.

Herald of Balthazar — The highest ranking member of the Forged and right hand of Balthazar, she leads the Forged in searching for what Balthazar needs to take down Kralkatorrik. She has set her sights on the Commander, believing that such a hero could aid Balthazar in hunting down the dragons either as a willing ally...or an enslaved thrall.

Other characters

Captain Ellen Kiel — A member of the Captain's Council in Lion's Arch, as Elonian refugees arrive at her city, Kiel lends her ship and Lionguard to aid the Pact Commander in the new conflict.

First Mate Fidus Foecrush — The First Mate for Captain Ellen Kiel.

Captain Rahim — The captain of the Cavaliers in the Free City of Amnoon.

Chief Councilor Imann — Head of the council in the Free City of Amnoon, she tries to protect the interests of her people and keep the city safe from those who would wish it harm.

Zalambur — A well-known businessman and socialiate who runs the Grand Sahil Casino in Amnoon, he is rumored to have ties to the Hamaseen criminal organization.

Shadows Agent Kito — A member of the Order of Shadows who volunteered to be stationed at the Temple of Kormir. He helps the Pact Commander with the pursuit of Balthazar.

Queens Dahlah and Nahlah — The twin queens from the Primeval Dynasty. They enjoyed all the luxuries of being royalty, but when the Scarab Plague hit, they were blamed for it by their citizens.

The direct threats posed by the Elder Dragons Jormag and Primordus have abated, with both dragons once again asleep and inactive. The White Mantle is broken, and Lazarus the Dire, last of the Mursaat, is truly dead, at last. However, research into the magical energies of the world and the Elder Dragons has suggested that, with two Elder Dragons dead, if a third were to die, the world would be destroyed from the overload of magical energy. In the moments after Lazarus's death, the Eye of Janthir revealed that Balthazar was establishing a presence in the Crystal Desert, intent on slaying Kralkatorrik. And so the Commander and Dragon's Watch travel south to the desert, to, of all things, save the Elder Dragon that broke Destiny's Edge.


Path of Fire - Ostatní

Obsah +/-

F2P - Hraj zdarma

F2P trailer.


Trailer k Path of Fire.

Oznameni o expanzi

Informace o novém rozšíření.

Announcement Trailer

Oznamovací trailer.

Living World Season 3 Recap

Rekapitulace Living World Season 3.

Guild War 2: Path of Fire vrací hráče do oblasti Elonianské pouště, dějiště Guild Wars: Nightfall kampaně. Prastará země magie a majestátnosti, poušť, kde se potulovali obří píseční červi a místo, kde kdysi lidé usilovali o právo přímo komunikovat se svými bohy.

Věci se ale za posledních 250 let změnili a oblast, která byla dříve spojována s Zemí Zlatého slunce, upadla do temnoty. Elonianská poušť je nyní pod nadvládou tyranského nemrtvého liche, jménem Palawa Joko a sužována starším drakem Kralkatorrikem a tuláckým bohem Balthazarem. Rostoucí ohrožení konfliktu mezi bohem a starším drakem neohrožuje pouze poušť, její lid a bohatou kulturu gobelínů jimi utkanou – ohrožuje magickou rovnováhu, která drží Tyrii pohromadě.

Ve své více jak tisícileté historii byla Elonianská poušť dějištěm událostí, které doslova formovaly svět. Jak se GW2 vrací do pouště, je důležité si pamatovat jak důležitý je onen region, jak úžasná a příšerná je jeho historie a jak to ovlivňuje průtok, odliv a vývoj magie.

Rok 786 před Exodem: Bozi přicházejí a přivádějí přátele

Šest bohů se poprvé objevuje v Canthe a přivádějí s sebou lidstvo. Stejně jako zahradníci začínají nové příštipky, transplantují lidi do tohoto bujného nového světa, opracují zeminu a pečují o svá pařeniště, aby zajistili zakořenění, šíření a prospěch.

Timeline 01

Rok 205 Před Exodem: Do pouště

Po stoletích strávených osidlováním Canthy a poté Orru se lidstvo rozprostírá do Elony. I přes drsné klima pouště a zázemí pro magické a přirozené nebezpečí, lidé budují základnu v tomto magicky robustním prostředí, které se stane jedním z nejvíce odolných společností v historii.

Rok 200 Před Exodem: Královské kořeny

Královská linka Pravěkých králů začíná svou 650 letou dobu vlády v oblasti pouště. Po dobu vlády, jedna z jejich nejlepších a nejchytřejších, Královna Nadijeh, zakládá Oddíl Slunečních kopí (Sunspears) – hrdinskou milici, která používá magii a vojenskou moc, aby ochránila nevinné a čelila těm, kteří by chtěli ublížit novému národu. V nadcházejících staletí budou Sluneční kopí nesobecky sloužit svým vládcům a lidem a budou se těšit až téměř náboženské úctě a respektu lidí pouště.

Rok 0 před Exodem: Nový věk začíná třeskem

Abaddon vyhlásí válku proti ostatním bohům kvůli rozporu ohledně užívání magie lidmi. Ostatních pět bohů se spojí dohromady, aby jej porazili a uvězní ho v Říše utrpení (Realm of Torment), ale jejich vítězství je drahé: vztek z tohoto božského střetu vymaže Krystalové moře (Crystal Sea) a přetvoří ho do pustili známé jako Krystalová poušť (Crystal Desert). Jakmile je Abaddon uvězněný, Zapomenutí (The Forgotten) – tajemná rasa zdokonalených plazů, kteří se spojili s bohy – slouží jako Abaddonovi věznitelé, kteří mu brání v tom, aby nadělal ještě více škod.

Rok 452 Po Exodu: Kolem chodí ošklivý brouk

Mor scarabů – děsivá nemoc, která děsivě zabíjí své oběti – se šíří. Pravěcí monarchové za onoho času – dvojčata, sestry Nahlah a Dahlah - jsou žalostně nepřipraveni na pandemii a nepodaří se jim ji zastavit v devastaci království. Ačkoli mor opadne v roce 456 po Exodu, utrpení způsobí konec Pravěkých králů a odstartuje téměř 200 let lidové války, falešných králů a bezpráví.

Rok 640 po Exodu: Znovu seskupení, obnoveni a připraveni se pohnout dál

Po dvou stoletích bezvýznamných králů a brutálních válečných vůdců, nezávislé státy Koruny, Istanu a Vabbi spojí své síly a vytvoří nový národ: Elonu, pojmenovanou po velké Elonské řece, která proudí skrze jejich sdílená království. Tato aliance stabilizuje region politicky a armádně, což umožní Eloně se uzdravit a konečně začít obnovovat svou zašlou slávu.

Rok 757 po Exodu: Povstává nová hrozba, která prostě ne a ne zemřít

Nemrtvý Lich Palawa Joko povstává a míní vládnout Eloně skrze magii, strach a armádu mumií. Postaví si svůj Palác Kostí (Bone palace), odkud řídí útoky proti svým sousedům a započíná válku dobývání. V roce 860 po Exodu má Joko kontrolu nad Vabbi, čímž si vyslouží přezdívku „Metla Vabbi“.

Rok 862 po Exodu: Duel staletí

Elona se spojuje, aby čelila Jokovu postupu. Válka vyeskaluje v bitvu u Jahai, kde se střetnou v boji jeden na jednoho Joko a Elonianský hrdina Turai Ossa zatímco jejich jednotky sledují duel. Ossa má převahu, ale Joko není tak snadno porazitelný – jak zabijete hrozbu, která už je mrtvá? Ossova odpověď: zahrabejte ho pod kámen tak velký, že se už nikdy nevyhrabe.

Timeline 02

1075 po Exodu: Na Elonu padla noc

Odehrává se GW: Nightfall. Po stoletích příprav a manipulací z pekelného vězení, Abbadon se chystá k pohybu. Je odhodlaný dostat se ven a nastolit samovládu nad lidmi a světem, který obývají. Aby Abaddona zastavili, hráči jsou nuceni vyjednávat s Palawa Joko, jediným, kdo ví jak bezpečně projít tou nejnebezpečnější částí Krystalové pouště a musí s Abaddonem bojovat. Cena za tuto informaci je Jokovo propuštění z jeho pohřebiště.

Po titánském boji, Abaddon je poražen a jeho síla je pozřena Kormirem, supermaršálem Kopí Slunce. Kormir je povýšen na boha a nahradí Abaddona jako jeden ze šesti bohů, čímž se stane bohem pravdy.

Rok 1175 Metla se vrací, aby znovu sužovala

Volný a po třech stoletích, aby přemýšlel svou strategii, Joko započíná nové dobývání. Odložil hrubou sílu ve prospěch ďábelské lstivosti a odklonil životodárnou vodu z řeky Elony pryč od Vabbi a ostatních elonských států. Bez svých základních zásob, Vabbi brzo nemá na vybranou a musí se vzdát. Kourna a Istan brzy následují a stávají se vazalskými státy pouštního království krále Joko. Joko přešel k upevnění svého vlivu v oblasti a k vymýcení svých nepřátel bez vměšování zbytku světa tím, že uzavřel hranice a obrátil svůj značný vliv a moc dovnitř na své vlastní poddané a svá vlastní území. Zabije a přetvoří Kopí slunce a každého kdo se mu pokusil vzdorovat až do doby, kdy tam nebyl nikdo další dostatečně silný, aby mu vzdoroval.

Timeline 03

Rok 1320 po Exodu: Přistěhoval se starší drak

Kralkatorrik, krystalový starší drak, se probouzí se svého dřímání a hned zamíří do pouště a zanechává za sebou Branded krajinu a tvory, které se v ní probouzí. Kralkatorrik je rozhodnutý zahubit svého rebelujícího šampiona Glint, ale když se k ní dostane nalezne zde čekající skupinu hrdinů Destiny‘s Edge. Destiny‘s Edge se dostane velmi blízko k zastavení Kralkatorrika, ale jejich snahy nakonec nestačí. Kralkatorrik zabije Glint a její Forgotten následovníky a Snaffa, zakládajícího člena Destiny‘s Edge. Tato porážka vede guildu k rozpadu a Kralkatorrik se neporažen usídlí v poušti, kde se připravuje na zkonzumování co nejvíce světové magie - co dokáže.

Rok 1328 po Exodu: Ztrátou jednoho draka druhý drak získá

Hrdinové zabijí draka džungle Mordremotha v daleké Maguumské džungli. Po zkonzumování části magie vypuštěnou Mordremothovou smrtí, Kralkatorrik povstává ze svého hnízda v Krystalové poušti a míří na jih směrem k více obydleným oblastem Elonianského regionu.

Timeline 04

Rok 1329 po Exodu: Zažehnutí rozbušky

Balthazar, bůh ohně a války, se vrací do Tyrie, aby zabil staršího draka a přisvojil si své síly i přes to, že věděl, že tím uvrhne světovou magii do permanentního chaosu. Získá dostatek síly k dokončení skličujícího záměru, ale hráči překazí jeho pokusy zničit Primorduse a Jormaga. S jediným možným živým cílem, Balthazar se zaměří na Kralkatorrika v poušti.

Což nás přivádí do dnešního dne: Kralkatorrik je na vrcholu svých sil, Balthazar je posedlý se získáním této síly pro sebe a chystají se k boji v Jokově pouštním království. Potenciální souboj mezi těmito třemi impozantními silami neohrožuje pouze Elonianskou poušť, ale celý svět.

I s tvou pomocí, může pouštní region a jeho lidé přežít? Nebo zmizí tisíce let kultury a historie jako zrnka písku v poryvu větru? Jen čas a Guild Wars2: Path of Fire odpoví.

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